I subscribe to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In the “Q&A On The News” column (June 20, 2007 issue), the paper answered a question about tax free weekends.


Did you know that on October 2-5, energy-efficient products with a sale price of $1,500 or less can be bought tax-free in Georgia? This includes items ranging from programmable thermostats to fluorescent lightbulbs, to ceiling fans. In addition, there are tax credits available to home and business owners for installing energy efficient appliances, solar systems, etc. For more information, read the article below and go the Energy Star website at energystar.gov

From the EnergyStar.gov website:

A tax credit can provide significant savings. It reduces the amount of income tax you have to pay. Unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax, a tax credit directly reduces the tax itself.

Tax credits are available for many types of home improvements including adding insulation, replacement windows, and certain high efficiency heating and cooling equipment. See chart.

Tax credits are available to buyers of hybrid gasoline-electric, diesel, battery-electric, alternative fuel, and fuel cell vehicles. The tax credit amount is based on a formula determined by vehicle weight, technology, and fuel economy compared to base year models.