200 Peachtree announces its new entity, 200 Office, nestled in the heart of the magnificent reconstruction of the historic downtown Macy’s Building at Ellis and Peachtree Streets.  With the inception of 200 Office—mimicking the trendy micro-office concept in several business clusters of New York City--- Atlanta will experience a fresh way to do business.  

According to AJ Robinson, president of Central Atlanta Progress, “There is not a better use of IDA (Individual Development Account) community tax credits than assisting in the redevelopment of the 200 Peachtree building”.  Lee Lambert, president of 200 Office, whose first job was in design and construction in the 60’s at Peachtree Center a few blocks away, says, “200 Office will offer Atlanta business people be an affordable,* accessible, amenities-driven alternative to leased office space. For short-term corporate visitors, telecommuters and home-based business people, 200 Office is a plush choice over noisy coffee shops, hotel business centers and home-offices.”   

Six years after Macy’s closed, a team of 25 investors is re-branding 200 Peachtree. Early in 2010, the Macy’s Grand Atrium opened as an event facility, along with Meehan’s restaurant. Prominent organizations such as Leadership Atlanta have already held special events at 200 Peachtree.

The Grand Atrium at 200 Peachtree will be the first special events facility in Atlanta to incorporate green practices into special event execution. 200 Peachtree recycles glass, plastics, paper, and cardboard boxes from the bars, caterers, and vendors.

Not only will 200 Office members be able to rent an exquisite, amenities-driven space in hourly increments, they will also have access to the exclusive Partner Program.  This program provides expertise from accountants, attorneys, new media executives and other professionals on an “as needed” basis. Other Partner perks include networking events and seminars conducted by human resources, marketing, and legal experts.  Ms. Lambert expects the 200 Office membership will appeal to entrepreneurs, local corporations with expansion needs, jobseekers and business executors from other cities.


Marilyn Pearlman 
Pearlman Associates, Inc.
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