Every work day in the U.S. and Atlanta, there are over 80 million and 1.8 million single occupant vehicles (SOVs) on the roads.  "The traffic congestion and air pollution caused by so many vehicles is imposing a heavy economic and environmental cost on our society," said Ron Tolliver, G2's CEO. "The annual loss in wasted time and fuel exceeds $78 billion and $2.6 billion respectively."

With the price of gasoline now between $3.50 - $4.00 per gallon and traffic congestion growing at alarming rates, many of Georgia's working families are financially and emotionally stressed.  65% of commuters are now seeking alternative modes of transportation and EcoRide can help them save thousands of dollars.

"Our goal for EcoRide is to establish the Atlanta model as the standard for reducing traffic congestion and emissions and then scale this model to other traffic tortured cities.  In doing so we can help employees, employers, schools, local government and municipalities deal with this significant problem.  In the process, we intend to aggressively support the goals and initiatives established by the Clean Air Campaign and TMA's in the metro area," explained Tolliver.

Working directly with employers and their employees, EcoRide's GPS based technology and advanced features makes the process of forming carpools quick and easy.  Social profiles will also enhance the compatibly of carpool partners and make the experience more enjoyable.  In addition to saving thousands of dollars, employees can also earn other valuable incentives, rewards and privileges.

EcoRide offers an effective, user friendly car pooling system that helps commuters save money and time.  The EcoRide GPS system is easy to use and provides a means for employers to increase productivity while also supporting environmental responsibility.  For more information, go to www.g2ecosolutions.com.