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This company is building houses from old plastic

New Zealand-based inventor and engineer Peter Lewis wanted to give used plastic a permanent purpose. He is converting old plastic into plastic bricks that are being used for low-income housing. The bricks provide insulation too.


A SEIA Success Story: Hannah Solar

Meet Pete Marte, President and CEO of Hannah Solar - a proud SEIA member

Pete Marte, President and CEO of Hannah Solar, tells us how his company went from spare bedroom to employing over 85. Plus, learn how it got its name.


Biogas Energy that Creates Paper

Biogas is produced from methane resulting from the decomposition of organic waste buried in a landfill site. Then, it is transported by pipeline over a distance of 13 kilometers (8 miles) to Rolland mill. The biogas collected is used as thermal energy and replaces traditional combustible fuels.


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GASCar 500