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The Making of Planet Savers Rap

With Earth Day rapidly approaching, six students from DeKalb School of the Arts Broadcast Media Class developed a creative way to spread awareness about Earth Day and climate change solutions. They used their passion for music to share their actions for saving the planet and to encourage other young people to become "Planet Savers."


EV Challenge for City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta - EV Challenge Will your company support the trend of purchasing an electric car? Take a look at how some Atlanta businesses are taking charge of the electric car trend.


Road to a Clean Air America

Clean Air AmericaAs the Clean Power Plan proposed by the EPA starts the public hearing cycles begin, many groups are weighing in on the what the plan means for them. This video was produced by concerned citizens in the environmental justice community. The video addresses clean, air pollution and how that directly effects the health of communities of color.


YCER Video: Conservative Leaders on Clean Energy

Senator Lindsay Graham - Young Conservatives for Energy ReformThe Young Conservatives for Energy Reform put together this educational video on clean energy reform. The video features Michelle Combs, President Young Conservatives for Energy Reform and includes interview with Senator Lindsay Graham, Former Congressman Bob Inglis, Roberta Combs, President of Christian Coalition of America, George Schultz, Former Secretary of State, several retired US military leaders and Kerry Emanuel, Climate Scientist, MIT.


Strategic Alliance Partners

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