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Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

Here are ten things you can do to make your garage energy-efficient and save money on energy costs throughout the seasons. Your garage is an important part of your home. Follow these tips and you’ll have a more comfortable garage and home and lower energy bills. For more information from professional garage door repair technicians, contact your local repair company today!


Why offshore wind farms are booming

Offshore wind farms are seen as a key ingredient in renewable energy policy, and an important element in the battle against climate change, playing a leading role in meeting renewable energy and carbon emission targets and improving energy security for the future.  Investment in offshore wind grew 40% in 2016 despite a fall in funding for new clean energy. This indicates a strong push away from fossil fuels toward renewables.


In Today’s Real Estate Market Energy Efficient Homes Are a Must Have


Free HomeSelfe® App Helps Maximize Your Home Buying and Selling Power

We are living in an ever-changing real estate market and buyers are citing energy efficiency as one of their top 5 “must haves” in a new home. HomeSelfe, the leading home energy saving app can help maximize your home’s appeal and increase your property value. HomeSelfe highlights ten key areas of your home and shows you how to increase energy efficiency, reduce utility costs and provides valuable rebate information to make improvements that can increase the value of your home by up to 9 percent.


Yearly Cost of U.S. Premature Births Linked to Air Pollution: $4.33 Billion

Study tallies medical fees and lost productivity resulting from early death or poor health

The annual economic cost of the nearly 16,000 premature births linked to air pollution in the United States has reached $4.33 billion, according to a report by scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center. The sum includes $760 million spent on prolonged hospital stays and long-term use of medications, as well as $3.57 billion in lost economic productivity due to physical and mental disabilities associated with preterm birth.


The Scale of Deforestation

Our planet is currently losing 1 billion trees every year. The scale at which deforestation is happening is a major contributor to a warming planet. It is also a health risk. Tress act as a filter for the air. The scale is enormous. Can we afford to lose 1 billion trees a year? A great percentage of this deforestation goes to Americans use of toilet paper. There is something you can do about it today, immediately. Make this one simple change.


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