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Alabama Congressional Delegation Votes Against Clean Air, Public Lands


Full Scorecard available here

The League of Conservation Voters' 2014 National Environmental Scorecard reflects the U.S. House of Representative's continued efforts to undermine public health and limit access to public lands. While the U.S. Senate was able to prevent many harmful bills from ever being debated, the second session of the 113th Congress was a continuation of the attack on the vital protections of natural resources. The Alabama congressional delegation's scores are being released by Conservation Alabama in partnership with the national League of Conservation Voters. 


Tuskegee, Alabama selected to participate in Local Foods, Local Places


On behalf of the White House Rural Council, six federal agencies joined to announce 26 communities including Tuskegee, Alabama, have been selected to participate in Local Foods, Local Places, a federal initiative providing technical support to integrate local food systems into community economic action plans. Under this effort, a team of agricultural, transportation, environmental, public health and regional economic experts will work directly with the communities to develop specifically identified local food projects. Project proposals include repurposing vacant land into local food production, developing year-round retail markets for local food products, and establishing food hubs to increase local food supply chains.


EPA Awards Alabama Clean Water Partnership an $171,436 Environmental Education Model Grant


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Alabama Clean Water Partnership with an $171,436 environmental education model grant for their Eco-Action-Waters to the Sea project proposal. The proposal intends to use computer kiosks featuring highly interactive modules to introduce a watershed –based perspective that connects upstream land uses with their impacts on downstream and coastal environments throughout Alabama’s Mobile Bay watershed. Users learn about the common causes of non-point source pollution (NPS) and their relative impacts on coastal environments. The modules introduce strategies for reducing NPS pollution and encourages users to adopt them.


Honeywell Completes Powerhouse Construction For New Airbus Assembly Complex

Built and Operated by Honeywell, Powerhouse Will Control Utilities for the First Airbus Assembly Line in the US

Honeywell unveiled the recently completed powerhouse for Airbus' A320 Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Ala., the aviation company's inaugural manufacturing operation in the United States. The new building houses the technology and personnel needed to provide utilities for the entire campus — electricity, heating and cooling, chilled and drinking water, compressed air and sewage handling. It is the first support facility to open on the Mobile campus.


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