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BLUE 2014 International Film Competition Finalists Announced

60+ Jury Members Select The Top Films To Be Honored & Screened At November 2014 Event

After the largest and most challenging film competitions to date, the BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit (BLUE) jury members have edited their lists and unveiled the world’s top oceanic films for 2014. All 160 finalists feature stunning imagery, amazing explorations, scientific discoveries or fun in the sea and will be showcased at the festival from November 3-9, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


EPA May Require Real-Life Fuel Economy Stats

AAA Statement from CEO Bob Darbelnet

"AAA is encouraged by the recent Wall Street Journal report that the Environmental Protection Agency is considering a requirement that carmakers use on-the-road data to support their advertised mileage claims. While some automakers already do this, AAA believes all companies should use this sort of real-world test to validate the mileage numbers they calculate from laboratory tests and computer simulated estimates. For most Americans, a new vehicle is the second largest investment they will make and it's imperative they have accurate information to inform their purchase. While reports show that many consumers actually experience better fuel economy than promised, it is important for the ratings to be as accurate as possible and not overstate real-world performance.  The EPA testing process was significantly improved in 2008 to better reflect real-world conditions, and AAA looks forward to again working with the Agency to identify opportunities and provide data to further improve the information for consumers."


Largest Organic Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility In Florida Being Constructed By OrganicaWorld, LLC

Each Of The 440,000 Square Foot Greenhouse Facilities Utilize Cutting Edge Technologies To Grow High Yields Of Nutrient Rich Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, And Nutraceuticals

The largest organic hydroponic greenhouse project in Florida, constructed by OrganicaWorld, LLC, is scheduled to be complete Fall of 2014.  OrganicaWorld, LLC  is a world leader of organic greenhouse technology and growing.  The 440,000 square foot state of the art greenhouses, the first of their kind, are engineered with custom growing systems that will hydroponically grow an array of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and nutraceuticals.  


Gulf Breeze, Florida Teacher Receives Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educator

The White House Council on Environmental Quality, in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Gulf Breeze teacher Charlene Mauro with the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educator. The ceremony at the White house included 17 teachers and 60 students from across the nation for their contributions to environmental education and stewardship. The awardees demonstrated the creativity, innovation, leadership and passion for community engagement needed to face difficult environmental challenges. Teachers and students attending the ceremony participated in a workshop led by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss climate and best practices in the field of climate education.


Strategic Alliance Partners

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