Green electricity: anywhere, anytime – 24/7 autonomous solar energy has never before been available

Homeowners and small businesses can now have a turn-key, solar energy storage system installed that provides energy, both when the sun is shining and at night.


The POWERSTATION 247 ( is a complete, and fully integrated scalable solar energy storage system with built-in battery storage. The system comes in three sizes, 5 kW, 10 kW, or 15 kW; all have the same battery storage capacity of 17.28 kWh. Its free standing cabinet is easy to install and easy to use. The system integrates up to 3 hybrid inverters, solar MPP-trackers, charge controller and lithium-iron batteries, all necessary field wiring terminals and disconnect switches. It is completely “plug and play”, and can be installed on and off grid. No more piecemeal systems from different manufacturers. More information at:

The POWERSTATION 247 is the first fully integrated system that is UL certified. Concept by US has complete IP ownership and the comprehensive ability to build all its components, except the lithium-iron batteries.

This system offers a disruptive technology allowing the end user to rethink the way solar energy is delivered into his/her household or business with 24/7 autonomous solar energy that has never before been available.

Comparing the POWERSTATION 247 toTesla’s Powerwall

Tesla’s Powerwall is only a battery,not a complete integrated system. Consumers can store the solar energy in the battery, but in order to actually use the energy the battery stores, consumers will need to buy different additional and costlycomponents and assemble them on the wall of their house. The POWERSTATION 247 is an entire system with inverters and all necessary field wiring and disconnect switches and batteries included. Concept by US corporation owns the IP on the entire system (inverters included) and all components, except the batteries. By comparison: In order to get a system as powerful as the POWERSTATION 247 with the Tesla Powerwall you will have to pay more than the price of a Powerstation. On-grid or off-grid the POWERSTATION 247 is available to U.S. homes and small businesses now.

What about the battery?

The Lithium-iron 96 V battery is efficient; Lithium batteries stand for longevity and are environmentally friendly. They also provide maximum safety in residential or commercial applications. During the manufacturing process these batteries have been subject to strict quality and safety tests in the factory.  The POWERSTATION 247 has a battery storage capacity of 17.28 kWh. 

Use your solar energy, store it or sell it to the utility

Energy generated by solar panels can be directly used, stored or if you have generated overcapacity the electricity can be fed into the public grid. The plug and play” system can be optimized to your own consumption. Storing energy in the POWERSTATION
247 can eliminate most electricity costs

Energy security? Power outage? If the public grid goes down due to unpredictable weather conditions or due to grid-instability POWERSTATION 247automatically switches to emergency power. Electricity can be available anywhere - in the home, powering the business, a vacation home, RV or even remote islands.

 Power Anywhere: How it works

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. This energy can be directly used and optimized to the customer’s consumption.

After charging the battery bank, the system provides energy for the customer’s consumption and if the solar panels have generated overcapacity the electricity is fed into the public grid.

In the evening or in case of a power outage the POWERSTATION 247 automatically switches to battery energy.

During the night the battery maintains anindividual set percentage of its energy for emergency power outages. If the battery capacity is insufficient and energy is needed, then electricity can be obtained from the grid.