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State Court Ruling Clarifies All Georgia Waters Protected by Buffers

The Georgia Court of Appeals sided with conservation groups and ruled that all state waters are protected under Georgia law by a 25-foot vegetative buffer. The decision overrules the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s (EPD) policy that only some state waters are protected by the Erosion and Sedimentation Act’s buffer provision, and also invalidates EPD Director Judson Turner’s April 2014 memorandum that stripped the protective buffer from the Georgia Coast.


Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline Threatens Air Quality in Southwest Georgia

GreenLaw files comments objecting to proposed natural gas pipeline

Last week, additional concerns were raised about a proposed natural gas pipeline that threatens to cut across large swaths of Southwest Georgia, including longleaf pine tracts. GreenLaw, on behalf of a number of conservation groups, filed comments with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) that raised objections about air quality along the pipeline, including a proposed compressor station outside Albany, Georgia.


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