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Press Statement on Georgia Power’s “Very High” Probability It Will Seek Approval for New Nuclear Units: More Nuclear is the Wrong Approach for Georgia’s Energy Needs

The Southern Environmental Law Center released the following statement regarding Georgia Power’s “very high” probability it will seek the Public Service Commission’s approval for new nuclear power units in Georgia.

“We don’t need another nuclear boondoggle,” said Kurt Ebersbach, senior attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center. “There are cheaper and less risky options for meeting our State’s energy needs while also reducing its carbon footprint. More nuclear might benefit Southern Company shareholders, but it makes no sense for Georgia Power’s customers.”


Public Outcry Against Proposed Mine Continues to Grow, Mining Company Withdraws Permit Application in Jesup, Georgia


After hundreds of local residents, conservation groups, and elected officials expressed concerns around a proposed mining operation that would cover over 4,000 acres in Wayne County and threaten nearby watersheds, DuPont Titanium Technologies has withdrawn its application for a surface mining permit with the Environmental Protection Division (EPD).


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