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Georgia Property Rights Council Commends State Senate Passage of Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015

Today, the Georgia State Senate passed House Bill 57 by a unanimous vote where it now moves to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature.  HB 57 allows homeowners, businesses, local governments, military facilities, churches, schools and non-profits of all types fair access to free-market financing of solar equipment that will help all Georgians lower the cost of solar power for use on their premises.  This landmark legislation enables Georgia’s families and taxpayers a straightforward way to save money while improving both private and public energy security.  The Georgia Property Rights Council (GPRC) fully supports this legislation because it does all this by protecting the personal liberties of all Georgians simply by guaranteeing that all citizens remain free to make their financial decisions as they choose.  The passage of this conservative and fiscally responsible legislation marks a great day in Georgia legislative history.  Georgia’s legislators should be commended for their wisdom and prudent leadership on this issue of property rights.


Plastic Pollution Bill Fails in the House

Today the Georgia House of Representative voted down SB 139 by a vote of  67 to 85. The legislation would prohibit local governments from passing ordinances that would, for example, ban or put a fee on plastic bags. Jennette Gayer, Director of Environment Georgia, made the following statement.


GA Solar Celebrates Passage of Solar Financing Bill

HB 57 will expand Georgia’s solar market as we continue to lead in solar growthHB 57 will expand Georgia’s solar market as we continue to lead in solar growth

The Georgia Solar Energy Association rejoices today because the State Senate voted unanimously to approve the Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015, House Bill 57.

The bill now will go to Gov. Nathan Deal for his signature. Once enacted, this new Georgia law will allow loans, leases and other agreements that facilitate third party financing of the installation costs of solar for property owners.


New Science paper calculates magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean

New Science paper calculates magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean8 Million Metric Tons of Plastic Enter the Oceans per Year

A plastic grocery bag cartwheels down the beach until a gust of wind spins it into the ocean. In 192 coastal countries, this scenario plays out over and over again as discarded beverage bottles, food wrappers, toys and other bits of plastic make their way from estuaries, seashores and uncontrolled landfills to settle in the world's seas.


Coalition Supports House Version of SB 101, Urges Senate to Agree

The General Assembly took a critical step on behalf Georgia’s coast today.  The Georgia Water Coalition applauds the hard work of the legislators responsible for closing loopholes in SB 101.  Because of today’s bold legislative action and leadership we are closer to protecting the salt marsh for future generations.


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