Cleantech in Georgia is booming lately as the state has been enacting new energy policies and has increased commitments to attain a higher level of total energy efficiency. Georgia currently houses numerous companies involved in different aspects of cleantech, such as energy efficiency, solar power, advanced manufacturing technologies, and energy conservation. One of Georgia’s biggest strengths is its research and development of technologies for alternative energy for power generation.

1) GE Energy. With the global GE Energy business located in Atlanta, a major effort by GE Energy has been focusing on a new Smart Grid Innovation Center. This project is founded to decrease the rising costs of energy production, create more energy independence for businesses and private homes, create numerous more green jobs, increase power reliability, and increase renewable sources. Currently, the United States uses the most energy per capita than any other nation. Because of this, the Smart Grid Innovation Center works to bridge the connection of all clean energy solutions and project more access to data and ability to control the total electricity system.


2) Enfinity. Enfinity is currently one of the largest solar PV development businesses around the globe. They offer turnkey solutions in solar energy to commercial, municipal, and utility developments by manufacturing some of the best approaches to clean energy systems delivery. They deal with the finance, design, construction, as well as overall operation of solar solutions. Though their financing of solar energy projects, they are able to bring usable solar energy products to the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Enfinity recently moved their US headquarters to Atlanta.

3) Suniva. Due to the sunny weather in Atlanta, solar technology is very popular. Suniva is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules. Suniva is focused on providing the largest amount of power possible to individuals through manufacturing techniques that are low in cost. They are large on trying to move both the commercial and residential world to solar technologies as they state it is more sensible since the sun is available to everyone. Suniva is currently manufacturing the lowest cost, highest cell conversion efficiency currently available commercially throughout the world. They are reaching toward the goal of providing their PV technology to supply the world benefits both environmentally, socially, and economically.

4) EnerTech. One of the most important aspects about cleantech is the dedication of protecting the environment and the people through the usage of clean energy technologies using biofuels. The mission at EnerTech is to oversee proper waste management for the health of the public, as a necessity for the environment, as well as an opportunity for energy production. Their patented SlurryCarb technology is known as a biosolids recycling solution that not only protects the environment but lowers dependence on fossil fuels. Biosolids are brought to an EnerTech manufacturing plant where they are changed into energy that saves capital and operating costs. EnterTech is dedicated to finding alternative that are economically and environmentally good.

5) Comverge. The minds at Comverge are dedicated to providing smart energy management solutions. Comverge currently offers its services to over 500 utility and 2,100 commercial customers. With the cost of energy currently growing at exponential rates, businesses are looking for ways to reduce overall costs, decrease overall consumption, and assist in alleviating energy grid congestion. They teach individuals how to use their energy efficiently. They offer the latest energy management software, services specifically tailored to the needs of each business, and hardware that can be used to increase energy management.

6) Prenova. Prenova is one of the top companies around that assists businesses control their energy spending by reducing overall energy costs, thereby improving total energy efficiency. They create an efficient energy strategy that fits the specific needs of the business. Prenova has been responsible for reducing overall energy spending in companies by 10 to 20%. They understand what causes energy increases and how to lower it. They provide numerous services to meet the needs of businesses looking to decrease the amount of energy they use to decrease overall energy costs, including utility management services, energy consulting, remote monitoring services, and energy procurement.

7) Servidyne. Another company that is big in assisting companies with energy reduction costs and increasing financial performance without their building is Servidyne. They provide a number of services, including lighting upgrades, retro-commissioning, energy system upgrades, sustainability, and Energy Star products. Servidyne has helped some of the most companies improve their overall energy ratings by reducing energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and elevate the overall performance of buildings.

8)Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech is one of the top research universities in the United States. VentureLab is a project that was created by Georgia Tech in 2001 to assist graduate students and research staff members in forming a startup company to sell their technology innovations. A lot of the projects that have currently been supported have a lot to do with energy saving, including Suniva, CoolClouds, and RideCell.

9) Coca Cola. The Atlanta based Coca Cola Company and a subsidiary in India have currently invested in a project meant to increase sustainable living. This project, which revolves around 16 rainwater harvests, is to increase water conservation and water management. By collecting the rainwater, it goes into the ground to increase plant and animal life rather than become wasted. Currently, Coca Cola has more than 500 rainwater harvesting projects to create a larger water management program. Aside from this project, Coca Cola has created new coolers and vending machines to be free of hydrofluorocarbons by 2015. This will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by over 95%. Coca Cola has spent an excess of $50 million in their research and development projects that allow for cooling techniques that are climate friendly

10) Ted Turner. Environmentalist Ted Turner has always done a lot in the field of renewable energy. In a current project, he is partnering with a group of individuals include Southern Company to back a $100 million solar array project in New Mexico that will cover 250 acres and provide power to 9,000 homes.

Article by Shawn Lesser and Ben Taube.

Shawn Lesser is the president and founder of Atlanta-based Sustainable World Capital, which is focused on fund-raising for private equity cleantech/sustainable funds, as well as private cleantech companies and M&A. He is also a co-founder of the GCCA Global Cleantech Cluster Association, and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ben Taube currently serves as the Executive Director of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) which is a nonprofit headquartered in Atlanta, GA with a mission to deploy energy efficiency across 11 southeast States. The organization is comprised of public and private interests. Ben also serves as the Chair of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association. Mr. Taube has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Memphis and a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver.

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