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ANN INC.'s Distribution Center Receives Gold Zero Waste Certification

Nancy Perronie - Ann Taylor Kentucy - Copyright Biz JournalsThe Company celebrates Earth Month with 97% annual waste diverted from the environment

ANN INC., the parent Company of Ann Taylor and LOFT, announced that its distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky has achieved the Gold Zero Waste Certification by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC).  ANN INC. is the first apparel retailer to receive this certification, marking a milestone in the Company's commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably.   


West Middle School in Shelbyville, KY Named a Top Finisher in Energy Star National Building Competition

The West Middle School in Shelbyville, KY was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a top finisher in the annual Energy Star National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings. The school was recognized for reducing their energy use by over 28 percent.  Teams from more than 3,000 buildings across the country spent the past year competing to obtain the greatest reduction in energy use.


Louisville on List of 25 U.S. Cities with the Most ENERGY STAR Buildings in the United States

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its sixth annual list of the 25 U.S. metropolitan areas with the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings and the city of Louisville ranked twenty-fifth. The list demonstrates the economic and environmental benefits achieved by facility owners and managers in America’s leading cities when they apply a proven approach to energy efficiency to their buildings.


EPA Honors 2014 Clean Air Excellence Awards Winner - Idle Free Louisville, Kentuckiana Air Education, Louisville, KY

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is presenting the 2014 Clean Air Excellence Awards honoring nine projects from across the United States and one individual for their work on clean air and climate initiatives. Four projects in the southeast will receive awards that recognize innovative programs that protect Americans' health and the environment, educate the public, serve their communities and stimulate the economy.


Social Media Sensation Cavegirl Cuisine Emerges from the Cave with Paleo and Gluten-Free Cookbook

Cavegirl Cuisine CookbookOver 140 mouth-watering Paleo and gluten-free recipes including Gyro Salad, Reuben Benedict, BBQ Pulled Pork Wraps, and Mocha Frappe Ice Cream!

In Cavegirl Cuisine ~ eating paleo one bone at a time!, author Michelle Fagone, AKA Cavegirl Cuisine, has become a lovable and quirky social media sensation with a Facebook following of over 130,000 fans! Cavegirl Cuisine has taken traditional recipes and "paleotized" them, removing grains and processed food ingredients. Once you try her versions, you won't miss traditional green bean casserole, breakfast cereals, and peppermint ice cream!


Will the Electricity Grid Become Optional?

A new RMI report identifies when and where solar-plus-battery systems could enable affordable customer defection from utilities

Download The Economics of Grid Defection

For years, low-cost solar-plus-battery systems were seen as a distant possibility at best, a fringe technology not likely to be a threat to mainstream electricity delivery any time soon. By far, the limiting factor has been battery costs. But thanks to a confluence of factors playing out across the energy industry, the reality is that affordable battery storage is coming much sooner than most people realize. That approaching day of cheaper battery storage, when combined with solar PV, has the potential to fundamentally alter the electricity landscape.

While grid-tied solar has seen dramatic recent cost declines, until recently, solar-plus-battery systems have not been considered economically viable. However, concurrent declining costs of batteries, growing maturity of solar-plus-battery systems, and increasing adoption rates for these technologies are changing that. Recent media coverage, market analysis, and industry discussions—including the Edison Electric Institute’s January 2013 Disruptive Challenges—have gone so far as to suggest that low-cost solar-plus-battery systems could one day enable customers to cut the cord with their utility and go from grid connected to grid defected.


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