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BYD Unveils World's First Battery Electric Coach Bus

BYD Unveils World's First Battery Electric Coach Bus BYD Motors Inc. has officially unveiled the world's first long range, 100% Battery Electric Over the Road Coach Bus. This first electric coach, named the BYD C9, is a two-axle, 40' coach with the seating capacity to carry 47 people at highway speed for over 190 miles. "The transportation industry is still just warming up to the idea of Battery Electric transit buses," said BYD Coach & Bus Vice President of Sales, Macy Neshati. "It was exciting to walk around last year's APTA Expo in Houstonand see so many reputable names displaying an electrified transit bus. However, I don't think anybody thought they would see a viable electric coach solution for a few more years."


GSREIA Offers Monopoly Mouthpieces a Lesson in Electricity 101

In recent days, mouthpieces for the giant state-sponsored monopoly utilities exposed either their ignorance or willingness to mislead the media and consumers when it comes to solar energy. In order to keep the debate honest, the Gulf States Renewable Energy Industry Association clarified a piece of misinformation that appears consistently among monopoly utility supporters.


EPA Proposes to Add Washington Parish, LA, Creosote Site to National Priorities List of Superfund Sites

Two hazardous waste sites added, six proposed nationally

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed to add the Colonial Creosote site in Washington Parish, LA, to the National Priorities List (NPL) of Superfund sites, a list of sites that pose risks to people’s health and the environment. Superfund is the federal program that investigates and cleans up the most complex, uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites in the country and converts them into productive community resources by eliminating or reducing public health risks and environmental contamination.


EPA Awards Rebates to Two Louisiana School Districts to Replace Ten School Buses


Thousands of school bus drivers safely transport children to and from school every day and they should not have to worry about pollutants emitted from buses. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is awarding a total of $120,000 to three school districts in La. to replace older diesel school buses with new buses that emit 90 percent cleaner emissions.


Louisiana Solar Industry Responds to Unorthodox Solar Net Metering Study

Study Seen as Incomplete and Unfocused, Manner of Release Called into Question

The Louisiana Solar Industry responded to release of an unorthodox study of solar net metering by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Net metering is the program in which home and business owners produce energy from solar systems for use onsite, and receive credits from the utility monopoly for any energy returned to the grid. The study is several months overdue and has been marred by controversy from its inception, with a consultant selection process that was defined by unusual circumstances and hidden information.


The Louisiana Solar Fight: Local Property Rights VS. Electric Utility Profits


GSREIA logoRestrictions by Electric Monopolies to end Consumer Choice for Solar as Early as February 26 - Businesses Bracing for Impact; Thousands of Jobs in Jeopardy

Elected officials at the Louisiana Public Service Commission may vote this month on whether to defend basic property rights and energy choice for citizens, or protect the profits of corporations and "co-ops" that enjoy monopoly status in the electric utility business.

As a result of filings by monopoly utilities on Feb. 19, the rights of 99.5 percent of Louisiana residents to benefit from solar net metering could be revoked. Meanwhile, small businesses and thousands of workers around the state are bracing for the devastating economic impact.


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