Local Solar and Renewable Organizations File Formal Complaint with LPSC

GSREIA joined 14 other local solar and renewable organizations today in filing a formal complaint with the Louisiana Public Service Commission over the Commission's publicly funded contract with Acadian Consulting Group to perform a study on the costs and benefits of solar energy net metering.



"Solar energy is a permanent part of the electrical grid, and it's time that an unbiased assessment is conducted of how it fits into our existing infrastructure," says GSREIA President Tucker Crawford. "Consumers, firms, and policymakers have been asking for a proper study for a long time, but the selection process used by the commission in this case was flawed and resulted in a consultant with crystal-clear conflicts of interest."


The complaint cites numerous examples of a direct conflict of interest and blatant bias by the Acadian Consulting Group's principal David Dismukes against renewable energy sources including public comments repeatedly attacking renewable energy and its benefits.


The complaint bluntly points out that the obvious conflicts of interest should have disqualified Acadian outright, and the LPSC's choice of Acadian is "an arbitrary and capricious oversight of the facts." As a result, "Acadian should be disqualified from performing the Net Metering Costs and Benefits Analysis."


The complaint included transcripts from the May 7 LPSC meeting in which some Commissioners questioned the qualifications of Dismukes and his company, while others went out of their way to protect Acadian.


GSREIA believes that the people of Louisiana should benefit when their solar systems generate power which is then reused by utility companies. GSREIA filed the complaint in calling for the RFP to be reopened immediately and re-examined by the LPSC commissioners and staff.



Learn more and download the original LPSC transcript at http://www.gsreia.org/lpsc-complaint