Casa Ecomaya will have a Smart Glass ChandelierSmart Glass adds elegance to Casa Ecomaya Dining Room

Upcycled Glass Chandelier proves green is about décor as well as sustainable construction

Smart Glass, an award winning glass design, décor, and jewelry firm, will be providing an original chandelier for the Casa Ecomaya dining room. Smart Glass uses a unique patented process to convert post-consumer glass bottles into beautiful and ecological home décor, chandeliers, jewelry and artwork that can be seen at the Guggenheim Museum, Coca Cola Headquarters, College Football Hall of Fame, Bene Rialto NYC, Chick-Fil-A, Hilton, Marriott, and Indigo Hotels along with numerous other hotels, restaurants, museums, corporate spaces and private residences. 


Smart Glass was founded by celebrity designer Kathleen Plate. Taking post-consumer recycled glass bottles and upcycling them in beautifully unique ways has made Kathleen a nationally renowned design visionary.

“We were thrilled when Kathleen decided to add her personal design sense to our home,” said Casa Ecomaya co-homeowner David Patterson. “The Smart Glass chandelier will contribute to the modern sustainable feel we are looking to achieve throughout Casa Ecomaya.”

“Using upcycled glass is a great lesson on design, art and material management,” said co-homeowner Maria Jose Sansores. “Kathleen’s chandeliers are inspiring, beautiful and ecologically friendly and will create a beautiful ambiance in our dining room.”

Casa Ecomaya on target to be first LEED home in Mexico“Being able to share my creations in Mexico opens new opportunities for Smart Glass,” said Kathleen Plate, Smart Glass founder. “I’m always excited to participate in a project aiming for LEED. It’s important for people to think about sustainability in décor items as well as building design when pursuing green building projects. Smart Glass’ goal is to provide upcycled glass design in creative ways to enhance not only the sustainability but also the aesthetics of buildings. In design, it has to be beautiful first and foremost, the ecological story of how it is made is a bonus.”

“We are honored to have Smart Glass as a part of our sponsorship team,” added Patterson. “We can’t wait to see the completed project and show others how beautiful recycled artwork can be”.