Jenah ZweigThe Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) is pleased to announce that Policy Director Jenah Zweig has been named one of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits’ (GCN) “30 Under 30” nonprofit leaders. Jenah was honored at the GCN Nonprofit Summit, held earlier this week in Atlanta.

At just 28 years old, Jenah is an established regional leader in energy efficiency policy, advocating strategic programs and policies that deliver environmental, economic and quality of life benefits to local communities. Formerly a project manager at the City of Atlanta’s Office of Sustainability, Jenah has thrived in the nonprofit sector, establishing SEEA as an authoritative, nonpartisan champion of energy efficiency market transformation in the Southeast.


“In a region that is relatively new to energy efficiency, Jenah has laid the groundwork for a diverse, bipartisan stakeholder network that supports efficiency goals,” said SEEA President Mandy Mahoney. “Her transparent, win-win approach has proven effective at engaging both traditional and non-traditional allies, including utilities, regulators, state governments and private sector entities.”

At SEEA, Jenah has raised nearly $1 million to support policy initiatives; delivered energy code trainings to 250-plus builders and code officials; provided written comment and public testimony before multiple public utility commissions and building energy code adoption committees; and written the energy efficiency section of Mississippi’s first energy plan. In late 2012, Jenah and her team launched the Southeast’s first Energy Codes Coalition, a multi-sector stakeholder consortium of both traditional and non-traditional allies, intended to support building energy code adoption and implementation.

In addition to steering regional policy initiatives at work, Jenah is dedicated to helping her own community thrive. She has currently holds leadership positions in several Atlanta-based nonprofit boards and committees, including Georgia Organics and the Georgia Conservancy. Building on her experience in a traditionally male-dominated field, Jenah serves as a mentor and advocate for young women working in the energy policy space.

Jenah received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and her law degree from the University of Georgia.