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‘Future of Water’ conference at MSU fosters collaboration across SEC universities

A collaborative conversation on a simple topic – water – is yielding discussions that literally could change the world, and researchers are saying that change is critical for meeting increased water needs around the globe.

About 200 participants gathered March 27-28 for the 2017 SEC Academic Conference hosted by Mississippi State University. The conference focused on “The Future of Water: Regional Collaboration on Shared Climate, Coastlines and Watersheds.” With an emphasis on research collaboration, the conference highlighted how water, in its simplicity as the earth’s most life-giving resource, poses some of the world’s most complex scientific and social challenges.


Mississippi Power to use syngas at Plant Kemper

Mississippi Power announced it is extending the expected in-service date of the Kemper County energy facility until mid-March 2017. While integrated operation of the facility’s gasifiers and combustion turbines has continued for periods since late January, the schedule adjustment is needed because of issues experienced with the ash removal system in one of the gasifiers.


EPA Awards $150,000 to Hattiesburg, Miss., for Long-Term Stormwater Planning Pilot

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Hattiesburg, Miss., is among five communities selected nationally to receive $150,000 each in technical assistance to develop long-term stormwater management plans. The pilot communities will use a new package of tools EPA developed to help communities plan long-term strategies for managing stormwater pollution. EPA’s tools promote the use of flexible solutions that spur economic growth, stimulate infrastructure investments, and help compliance with environmental requirements.


American Truck Showrooms Urges 2016 Presidential Candidates to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Cleaning America's Trucks and Roadways

The demands for environmental technologies are ever increasing

American Truck Showrooms understands that no matter the party, ecologically friendly solutions to real-world problems must be adopted quickly to preserve our environment. The company has developed a system to treat waste water created by Semi Truck washing facilities and is actively seeking partners to build-out this system and scale it for widespread use.


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