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New NCSEA Report Reveals Drivers Behind North Carolina Electricity Charges

Report Analyzes Conventional and Clean Energy Charges on North Carolina Electric Bills, Impacts on Ratepayers

The NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA), a leading 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to shaping the state’s clean and efficient energy future, uncovers new insights about North Carolina electricity costs in its 2015 report, Understanding the Impact of Electric Choices on North Carolina Residential Electricity Rates and Bills. The report offers transparency into the complex process behind the electricity charges seen on monthly utility bills.


GameChange Wins 47MW Solar Racking Orders in North Carolina, Projects 250MW for 2015

GameChange Wins 47MW Solar Racking Orders in North Carolina, Projects 250MW for 2015 GameChange Racking announced that it has received orders for over 47MW of pile racking systems for delivery to North Carolina in early 2015. GameChange projects sales of over 250MW in North Carolina alone for the full year of 2015.

The business was won due to fast delivery and the quality, price and rapid installation time of the GameChange Pile System.


Expiring 2016 Federal Tax Credits Attract Investors for ISS Utility Scale Solar Farms

With the current federal tax credits expiring in 2016 large investors that are attracted to utility scale solar farm projects are rushing to find construction ready projects like the current 500 Megawatts of projects that Innovative Solar Systems, LLC currently has that can be purchased and built immediately to then fully utilize those 30% federal tax credits before they expire next year. Innovative Solar Systems has been conducting daily meetings with investors and buyers from all over the world seeking the company's current projects that range in size from 35 Megawatts all the way up to 80 Megawatts. These projects are attractive to buyers due to the fact that the projects are approved and ready for immediate construction and also due to the fact that purchase power agreements are with the most credit worthy utility companies in the U.S.


Burt’s Bees Mobilizes America’s Farms for Honey Bees

Burt's Bees Mobilizes America's Farms for Honey BeesBurt’s Bees, through its The Greater Good Foundation, joined forces with the Pollinator Partnership to launch the United States Bee Buffer Project. The project’s goal is to establish critical honey bee forage throughout the country, and, after participating in the White House Stakeholder Panel on pollinator health, plans to impact over 6,000 acres over the next year. The U.S. Bee Buffer Project began enrolling farms across California and North Carolina to plant bee buffers in late 2014 with an overwhelming number of applications from both states; the goal of 6,000 acres of influence was reached as soon as the application portal was opened, with calls from virtually every other state wanting to have the program as well!


500MW's of Solar Farm Projects in Great Demand as Tax Credits go away in 2016

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is meeting with potential buyers and investors for the company's current portfolio of 500 Megawatts of Shovel Ready Solar Farm projects almost daily now since the push is on for groups to purchase large projects, build them and then get the system on line sometime in 2016 before the 30% Federal Tax Credits expire for renewable energy. With such an uncertain future for these large scale solar farms many sophisticated buyers and investors are buying as many of these large projects as possible so that the projects can be brought on line and thus utilize the Federal Tax Credits which are imperative for a good rate of return.


Syngenta names newest fungicide Orondis™

Orondis offers protection against late blight, downy mildews and Phytophthora root and stem blights; Registration sought for use on vegetables, potatoes and tobacco

Syngenta announced that the trade name for its newest fungicide, containing the active ingredient (a.i.) oxathiapiprolin, is Orondis.


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