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USDA Announces Funding to Improve Rural Electric Infrastructure in Nine States

Projects are being financed in Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas

Rural Development Acting Deputy Under Secretary Roger Glendenning announced that USDA is making loans to electric cooperatives that will help continue to deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity to rural residents, business and institutions in nine states.


SFI Community Grants Feature Collaboration from 50 Different Groups Spanning North America

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) announced 11 community grants that will advance the quality of life in communities across North America. SFI is bringing together a diverse range of people from 50 organizations to support community engagement projects that put SFI at the intersection of sustainable forestry, responsible procurement and thriving communities. SFI engages local communities through a variety of initiatives including youth outreach, supporting Indigenous values, forest education programs, and green building projects for low-income families.


Heartland Institute Publishes New Study of Air Quality and Frac Sand Mining

Editor's note: The Heartland Institute is a conservative think tank funded by large oil companies. We believe that our readers deserve to hear both sides of the environmental conversation. We normally don't place a disclaimer when posting their news. We trust our readers to see through their mostly unprofessional comments. However, due to the nature of this post, Southeast Green wants our readers to understand the companies who are behind the think tank so you understand the who paid for the study. The post is unedited. If you would like to see a copy of the email, please contact us.

Frac sand mining is a contentious issue in many communities. You may already have heard that sand mining is an “unregulated industry.” Your neighbors and friends may be especially worried about the impact of sand mining on air quality. The new and final paper in a six-part series addressing frac sand mining released by The Heartland Institute, titled Air Quality and Industrial Sand (Frac Sand) Mining, thoughtfully addresses those concerns.


Will energy efficiency be bigger than rooftop solar in the Southeast?

It’s easy to spot a solar home, but efficient homes are well camouflaged. So its no surprise that media and public opinion are focused on solar, particularly rooftop solar.

But for our electric companies – and the many people who pay attention to them – a good question to ask is what will be the biggest technologies driving electric demand? Will rooftop solar reshape electric demand? What about electric vehicles?


Fate of Southern Company and SCANA New Nuclear Power Projects Unknown as Lead Contractor Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy

Regulators in Georgia and South Carolina urged to protect consumers from the financial meltdown of Toshiba/Westinghouse; other AP1000 proposals should be cancelled

At today’s news of Westinghouse Electric Corp. filing for bankruptcy due to massive cost overruns at Southern Company’s Plant Vogtle (subsidiary Georgia Power) in Georgia and SCANA’s (subsidiary SCE&G) V.C. Summer plant in South Carolina, regional clean energy organization Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) demanded that state regulators finally put the interests of utility customers first as the impacts of this development unfold. Westinghouse, subsidiary of Japanese tech mogul Toshiba, is the designer and builder of the four under construction AP1000 reactors, a design yet to be operational anywhere in the world. The projects are nearly four years delayed and billions of dollars over budget.


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