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5 Energy Efficient Homes We Love

Paying the bills quickly adds up, especially when you throw in power, gas, water, cable and fuel for the car. The net costs of all this can very easily put in you in a state of perpetual “hand-to-mouth”. A very huge portion of your salary goes to paying the energy bills. The design of your house can have a massive impact on your electric bills. This is why when you go buying or building a house next time, you should try to use the features of the following energy efficient homes:


Subsidiaries of the World’s Largest Fertilizer Producer to Reduce Harmful Air Emissions at Four Florida Plants

In a settlement with the United States, three subsidiaries of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS), the world’s largest fertilizer producer, will take steps to reduce harmful air emissions at eight U.S. production plants—including three in Aurora, N.C.—the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice announced.  The settlement resolves claims that these PCS subsidiaries violated the Clean Air Act when they modified facilities in ways that released excess sulfur dioxide into surrounding communities.


18,000+ Clean Energy Jobs Announced in Third Quarter; Major Projects Powered Surge in Manufacturing Jobs

Nonpartisan Nature of Clean Energy Jobs Presents Congress with Opportunity to Act on Clean Energy Tax Incentives; Top 10 States: NV, NY, CA, CO, NC, MI, CT, LA, TX, IL, MD

A new report from the nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) shows that more than 18,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced in more than 20 states in the third quarter of 2014, a significant uptick from both the previous quarter and a year ago.


US-China climate agreement good for mountains and snow


Last night, the U.S. and China announced a groundbreaking agreement to cut greenhouse gas pollution, raising the chances of a possible accord at the international climate summit scheduled for December 2015 in Paris. In response, Philip Huffeldt, the Coordinator of Snowriders International, said the following:


EPA, DOE Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide for Car Buyers

Fuel Economy Guide 2014The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) today released the 2015 Fuel Economy Guide, providing consumers with a valuable resource to help them choose the most fuel-efficient and low greenhouse gas emitting vehicles that meet their needs.

Read more... Launches Create-Your-Own Coal Ash Report Interactive Feature

Today and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) unveiled a new tool to help concerned citizens, activists, policymakers, and reporters better understand the potential hazards of toxic coal ash waste throughout our region.

The Create-Your-Own Coal Ash Report feature on our interactive website,, analyzes detailed data from more than 450 coal ash storage ponds (impoundments) across the region to generate custom reports based on the coal plants, states, and/or utilities that users select. You can visit the report portal page to generate a custom report at


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