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West High Students Partner with UT on Environmental Study


West High Students Partner with UT on Environmental StudyA University of Tennessee, Knoxville, study on how trees affect water runoff in urban areas is fully underway, thanks in part to students at West High School in Knoxville. 
The concept—Storm Water Goes Green: Investigating the Benefit and Health of Urban Trees in Green Infrastructure Installations—was initiated with $200,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forestry Service.


Green Mountain Technology Selected as a "Cool Vendor" By Gartner

Leading Analyst Firm Selects Innovative Companies in Supply Chain Services

Green Mountain Technology (formerly known as Green Mountain Consulting), a leading provider of Parcel Spend Management solutions, has been included in Gartner's new list of "Cool Vendors." Green Mountain Technology (GMT) has been selected alongside four other companies in Gartner's "Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Services, 2015" report. Companies chosen for this report are determined solely by Gartner's analyst team. Gartner analysts look for innovative, impactful and intriguing companies for the Cool Vendor Reports.


USDA Awards Grants to Help Rural Communities Create Jobs and Strengthen Economic Development Capacity

Agriculture Under Secretary Lisa Mensah announced the selection of 31 community-based organizations in 17 states and the District of Columbia for grants to help small rural communities create jobs and boost economic development. The grants are being made available through USDA Rural Development's Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI) program.


Tantalus Network Delivering Highly Reliable AMI Data at Chattanooga EPB, America’s Fastest Smart Grid

TUNet’s near real-time data delivery capability enabling state-of-the-art EPB Operational Analytics

Tantalus, a leading provider of smart grid solutions for municipal and cooperative utilities, and Chattanooga Electric Power Board (EPB) have announced that performance results from the utility’s TUNet AMI deployment, which was completed in 2013, effectively make the eastern Tennessee utility the most reliable and fastest AMI system in North America.  Since deployment began in 2010, EPB reports that TUNet has utilized the city’s existing state-of-the-art fiber optic network to deliver highly accurate 15-minute interval consumption data 96 times each day from more than 175,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers back to the utility control center at reliability rates approaching 99 percent.  This demonstrated ability to deliver large quantities of near real-time interval data at superior reliability levels is a distinctive feature of the TUNet network, which, unlike many competitive systems, is not limited to the delivery of batched AMI data just four to six times daily.


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