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San Antonio City Council Approves SAWS Vista Ridge Contract

In a unanimous vote, San Antonio City Council approved the contract to bring 16.3 billion gallons of new non-Edwards Aquifer water annually for 30 years, and then own the pipeline.

The contract, between San Antonio Water System and Vista Ridge Consortium, will require the transport of water from Burleson County to San Antonio through a 142-mile pipeline. Council approval of the contract is the last step in a process that has been under consideration for over three years.


EPA Approves GHG Permitting Program in Texas

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the State of Texas program to issue greenhouse gas (GHG) permits for new and modified facilities. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has worked closely with EPA and submitted a state implementation plan for GHG permits to replace the existing federal program. EPA announced both its approval of the state implementation plan (SIP) and the rescinding of the federal implementation plan (FIP) making the TCEQ the primary GHG permitting authority in Texas.


Texas Company to Pay $1.6M for Oil Spill Violations

Superior Crude Gathering Inc. (Superior Crude) has agreed to pay a civil penalty for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act stemming from a 2010 crude oil spill from tanks at Superior’s oil storage facility in Ingleside, Texas, the Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced. Under the consent decree lodged today in federal court, Superior will pay $1.61 million to resolve the government’s claims.


Tetra Pak to Survey Pack Expo Attendees to Measure Awareness of Resource Scarcity Impacts on Business

Tetra Pak to Survey Pack Expo Attendees to Measure Awareness of Resource Scarcity Impacts on BusinessParticipants to also share views on use of renewable resources and sustainable resource management practices

Tetra Pak® U.S. will examine industry perceptions about the very real issue of scarce natural resources at PACK EXPO International, conducting a survey among attendees to better understand views around how resource scarcity is impacting supply chains and what companies are doing to mitigate this challenge.

The research is part of Tetra Pak’s new Moving To The Front initiative, launched in July, designed to address the implications of global population growth and increased demand for consumer packaged goods, which are depleting the world’s finite natural resources at an alarming rate, disrupting entire supply chains and potentially limiting business growth.


14 U.S. companies seed worldwide change on Oct. 25 with big donation

Give a total of $350,000 to Whole Planet Foundation® to fund global poverty alleviation

It may not be a historical holiday, but for more than 851,000 families worldwide who have been empowered to lift themselves out of poverty through microcredit, Oct. 25 is a life-changing date. It is the day Whole Foods Market® launched Whole Planet Foundation with a mission to fight global poverty through microcredit. Nine years later, the foundation has funded $36 million in small loans to microcredit clients across 61 countries, empowering them with a chance to lift themselves out of poverty.


In-Depth Article Examines the 25 Most Eco-Friendly Bank Buildings

A new web article by Online Accounting Degree Programs details 25 of the world's most eco-friendly bank buildings.

A new article by education website Online Accounting Degree Programs proves that bank buildings can be ecologically sound as well as aesthetically pleasing. "25 Most Impressive Eco-friendly Bank Buildings" is a collection of the most environmentally green financial buildings in the world. The article was launched as an incentive for eco-conscious accountants to seek employment with green banking institutions.


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