28 Fully Automated Electronics Recycling Kiosks Now Operating in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio

ecoATM, the award-winning San Diego start-up known for its innovative kiosks that fully automate the buy-back of used mobile phones and other portable electronics, announced it has made its first major expansion outside of California by installing 28 kiosks in malls throughout Texas. (Specific locations information for kiosks can be found at

The network of ecoATM kiosks will next expand to other parts of the Southeast, East Coast, and Midwest later this year.

The ecoATM kiosk network has been limited primarily to California until recently, but has already paid out millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of customers for their old electronics and in the process saved our landfills from hundreds of thousands of potentially toxic electronic devices. ecoATM finds second homes for three-fourths of the collected devices and responsibly recycles the rest to reclaim the rare earth metals.

"It is exciting to take the first big step in expanding ecoATM's footprint," said Tom Tullie, Chairman and CEO of ecoATM. "Over the past three years of testing the kiosks in California, ecoATM has seen tremendous consumer response, because we have created a kiosk that has two important
features: it offers instant cash payment just like an ATM, and it is convenient and easy to use. No other buy-back or recycling systems have achieved this."

As part of the expansion into Texas, ecoATM is making a 10/100/1M Guarantee for this new network of kiosks in Texas:

10 = $10,000 that ecoATM guarantees they will collect for charities in Texas over the next 12 months. If they don't, they will donate the balance to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

100 = 100,000 used devices will be collected by ecoATM in Texas over the next year thereby sparing Texan landfills many tons of toxic eWaste. If they don't, ecoATM will pay to plant a tree for every device short of the 100,000 mark through Trees for the Future, an organization in Haiti that employs local residents to plant sapling trees in deforested areas of their communities in Haiti.

1M = $1,000,000 will be paid out from ecoATM to Texas customers over the next year. If they don't, they will double the dollar amount the kiosk network in Texas has collected for local charities during the same period.

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