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The Ban That Never Was

Our Acting President Elizabeth with some of her dairy goats

The interstate ban on raw milk for human consumption went into effect in 1987. The position of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has long been that the prohibition applies to all raw milk in interstate commerce. The truth is otherwise; a reading of the law clearly shows that the ban applies only to cow milk. The shipment of raw goat milk, raw sheep milk, raw camel milk, raw water buffalo milk, etc. in interstate commerce is all legal; the ban on raw dairy from animals besides cows applies only to products other than raw milk and aged raw cheese.


Hog Farmer Running for Sheriff in defense of food

Mark and Jill Baker - Photo Credit: Molly PetersonThe Virginia-based Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense fund is telling the story of farmers fighting government over food policy rights. This story is truly remarkable. Who would have thought that someone would have to run for Sherriff to protect his rights on the farm.

When heritage breed hog farmer Mark Baker was going through his four-year battle against the state of Michigan over his challenge to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Invasive Species Order (ISO), he contacted Missaukee County Sheriff James Bosscher, seeking Bosscher’s help over the harassment he was undergoing from DNR and the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD). The sheriff refused to help Baker, a retired military veteran, not lifting a finger for him throughout the entire ordeal. Baker is now running for sheriff against Bosscher as an independent write-in candidate on the ballot. There is no opponent for the Democratic Party in the race.


Surfrider Chapter Network Continues to Increase Stewardship and Leverage Citizen Science to Ensure Clean Water for Public Health

Surfrider releases its Clean Water 2015 Annual Report showing more than 70% of water samples being safe to swim in

The Surfrider Foundation released its fifth Clean Water 2015 Annual Report which illustrated meaningful growth in its two programs - Ocean Friendly Gardens and Blue Water Task Force - that are effectively reducing ocean pollution so it is safe to surf, swim and play in the ocean.  As demonstrated in the case studies from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Kaua'i, Hawaii, Surfrider Foundation volunteers are educating their communities on how to help protect ocean water quality. Surfrider chapters are leveraging "citizen science," which the Obama Administration has been encouraging since September 2015, to test the water, identify water quality issues and to work collaboratively with local partners to protect public health and clean water along the coastlines.


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