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Environmental Law Institute Issues Nonpartisan Guide to Environmental Regulatory Reform

In response to the growing demand for unbiased answers and analysis on how deregulatory initiatives by the new Administration and Congress will impact environmental protection, governance, and the rule of law, the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) has released Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era. The report explains the legal mechanisms and processes that may get deployed, how they work, and the effect on the current regulatory landscape. It responds to the questions that are increasingly being asked of ELI:  What are the pathways and impacts of regulatory reform efforts likely to be undertaken?  What are the opportunities for the public and other stakeholders to engage relative to reform initiatives?


Trump climate policies rollback is catastrophe

Americans waste $875 billion each year on fossil fuels even though the sun and wind can provide our energy for free. Burning fossil fuels also kills tens of thousands of Americans and causes millions more illnesses each year. If President Trump truly wanted to “make America great again,” he would embark on a rapid transition to 100 percent renewable energy. That effort would be strikingly inexpensive and would pay for itself many times over in short order, saving American families almost $1 trillion in energy costs and $600 billion in health costs each year. Instead, President Trump is trying to lock American families into forking over more cash to his fossil-fuel cronies.


State Environmental Officials Hear How Clean Diesel Technology is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Reduce Emissions with VW Settlement Funds

The nation's top state environmental policymakers today heard how states can achieve the most cost-effective and immediate air emission reductions by targeting the largest sources of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions and replacing or upgrading those with the newest generation of clean diesel technology.   

Speaking at the Spring Meeting of the Environmental Council of States (ECOS), Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, highlighted the environmental benefits of new diesel technology during a panel discussion focusing on the best investments for states with the $2.9 billion Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust.  ECOS is an organization representing the nation's top appointed environmental officials from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 


Electric-vehicle charging stations could be cure for boring highway rest stops

Limitations on commercial activity at federal highway rest stops have rendered them dreary and unappealing. Meanwhile, electric vehicles have been hampered by a lack of infrastructure, like widespread charging stations. In a new policy short, R Street Energy Policy Director Josiah Neeley ties these two issues together, proposing to lift limits on commercial activities at rest stops that install charging stations.


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