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Food For My Daughters

Purchase Now - Food For My DaughtersFood for My Daughters: what one mom did when the towers fell (and what you can do, too) includes thought-provoking stories, versatile recipes, and actionable tips about what you can do to grow food, community and knowledge, and to better prepare your children (and yourself!) for a changing world. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every copy of Food for My Daughters will be donated to help grow food for those in need. Go to to hear excerpts and see a video release about the book.

Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health-and How We Can Save Ourselves

Beyond images of emaciated polar bears and drought-cracked lakes, there remains a major part of climate change’s impact that the media has neglected: how our health will suffer from higher temperatures and extreme weather. From spiraling rates of asthma and allergies and spikes in heatstroke-related deaths to swarms of invasive insects carrying diseases like dengue or West Nile and increases in heart and lung disease and cancer, the effect of rising temperatures on human health will be far-reaching, and is more imminent than we think.


What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?: How Money Really Does Grow on Trees

Purchase Now - What has nature ever done for us?From Indian vultures to Chinese bees, Nature provides the 'natural services' that keep the economy going. From the recycling miracles in the soil; an army of predators ridding us of unwanted pests; an abundance of life creating a genetic codebook that underpins our food, pharmaceutical industries and much more, it has been estimated that these and other services are each year worth about double global GDP. Yet we take most of Nature's services for granted, imagining them free and limitless...until they suddenly switch off. This is a book full of immediate, impactful stories, containing both warnings (such as in the tale of India's vultures, killed off by drugs given to cattle, leading to an epidemic of rabies), but also the positive (how birds protect fruit harvests, coral reefs protect coasts from storms and how the rainforests absorb billions of tons of carbon released from cars and power stations). Tony Juniper's book will change the whole way you think about life, the planet and the economy.

Living Large with Clark Howard – There are more ways than one to conserve!

Clark Howard's Living Large for the Long Haul: Consumer-Tested Ways to Overhaul Your Finances, Increase Your Savings, and Get Your Life Back on TrackI’ve been writing a bit this summer. We are five years into Southeast Green and although we are all about business, summer seemed a perfect time to kick back and focus on the lifestyle side of things. So, I wrote two articles about saving. Saving the environment while also saving some bucks! Here are the two articles: How I saved 66% on my electric bill during the summer and Top 10 things to Green Your Back to School Shopping.


Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement Is Changing the Way We Eat

Purchase Now - Reclaiming Our Food

All across the country, Americans are seeking more fresh, local foods – at home, in their schools, in restaurants, and at food markets. Grassroots community food projects from Boston to Nashville to Birmingham to Seattle are rising to meet this demand. Led by innovative, creative people from all walks of life, these projects are building community by creating valuable jobs, preserving cultural traditions, building local knowledge about growing food, and educating school-children. Inspirational stories of nearly 60 grassroots food programs provide hundreds of useful “lessons learned,” offering an enduring handbook for everyone hoping to join the movement.


Food Tyrants: Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic World

Food Tyrants:Purchase Now - Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic WorldFrom horse meat in Ikea to mislabeled cuts of fish at high-end sushi restaurants, consumers are rightly scared about where their food is coming from. Yet these stories don’t shock Nicole Faires.

Food Tyrants: Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic World (Skyhorse Publishing, June 2013) unveils just how dependent we are on large-scale food corporations—and how their complexity and size can lead to gag-inducing oversight.


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