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Audubon Zoo Hatches Pair of Rare False Gharials

Audubon Zoo Hatches Pair of Rare False GharialsThese are fertile – and historic - times at the Audubon Zoo Reptile Encounter. In recent weeks, Zoo staff has welcomed the first-ever births of critically endangered false gharials at Audubon.

Gharials, a freshwater crocodilian native to Southeast Asia with a very thin and elongated snout, have been housed at Audubon Zoo since the mid-1980s. But the species has not been bred in captivity anywhere in the United States since 2009 and never at Audubon Zoo until now.


Advantages of Eco Cars aka EVs

Advantages of Eco Cars aka EVsThe latest trend among the celebrities is driving eco cars and the craze for eco cars is gradually gripping the entire nation. Some of your favorite celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio among many others have already switched over to environment-friendly eco cars often referred to as green cars.

You too should shift your loyalty to these eco-friendly cars. If you are wondering why you should do that? The primary reason is that eco cars do not release harmful carbon monoxide and pollutes and poisons the atmosphere. If you wish to lead a healthier life and if you want your future generations to survive and thrive on Mother Earth, this is certainly the best way to minimize air pollution to a great extent.


Help raise $10K for Solar Schools by sharing your solar project pics


Help Us Reach $10K! 

ReneSola truly believes that solar is beautiful in more than one way and they want YOU to help prove it. ReneSola simply asks for your participation by uploading any and all solar projects to their Twitter page to help promote solar accomplishments around the world. The goal is to raise $10,000 to support the work of Brian D. Robertson's Memorial Solar School Fund by providing modules that enable schools to install small educational solar systems on their facilities.


Calling All Creative Kids! Get Your Artwork on PATH400

K-5 students invited to submit drawings; several to be selected, integrated into railing along trail

Calling All Creative Kids! Get Your Artwork on PATH400As the first phase of PATH400’s construction nears completion, Livable Buckhead is looking to budding young Buckhead artists to help put the finishing touches on a wall along the trail.

A retaining wall midway along the first section of the trail includes railings that will feature several six-foot-tall steel panels that will be cut with student-created designs. Each panel will be backed in plexiglass, allowing sunlight to shine through and light the design from behind, casting colorful patterns on PATH400.


“ScentSicles” Eco-Friendly Scented Ornaments Offer the Nostalgic Smell of Christmas To Those Pining for That Fresh-Cut Aroma

“ScentSicles” Eco-Friendly Scented Ornaments Offer the Nostalgic Smell of Christmas To Those Pining for That Fresh-Cut AromaA Selection of Five Scents Help a Faux or a Fir Smell Fresh Cut – New Products include Scented Sprigs, Auto Sticks and Decorative Ornaments!

Instantly bring the joy of Christmas into your life with ScentSicles, the eco-friendly (biodegradable) scented ornaments that make artificial Christmas trees smell real and real trees smell that much better.  ScentSicles can be hung from trees, tucked into wreaths and garland, or discreetly hidden to provide the nostalgic scent of fresh-cut Christmas trees.  Made of natural fibers sourced from sustainable resources and infused with pure fragrance, ScentSicles offer a no-mess, no-flame, simple way to make artificial holiday greenery smell real, enhance the scent of a live tree, or just add scent as a decoration. They are perfect for Secret Santa gifts, hostess gifts or the mother-in-law that you just can’t seem to please!  New ScentSicles options for 2014 include Scented Sprigs, Auto Sticks and Decorative Ornaments that can be used in the car or office!  Invented by a NASA scientist, eco-friendly ScentSicles last 30 days and are Made in the USA. 


Top Ten Food Fights Facing the Obama Administration and Congress

Top Ten Food Fights Facing the Obama Administration and CongressBy publishing Food Scores, EWG has made it easier for consumers to make healthier, greener and cleaner choices in the grocery store.

Consumers aren’t the only ones facing tough choices when it comes to food.

Congress and the Obama administration will need to make decisions that could set the table for decades of better eating – or more leftovers.


Winter CSAs in Georgia

Winter CSAs in Georgia - Image: ItzaFineDay via Compfight ccJust because tomato season is over doesn’t mean you have to stop drooling over delicious farm-fresh local veggies from your favorite grower—many farms throughout the state offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares throughout the winter months. (What’s a CSA? Find out here!)


Shrimp: Oceana Reveals Misrepresentation of America’s Favorite Seafood

Oceana Study Reveals Misrepresentation of America’s Favorite Seafood30% of Shrimp Products Tested in Grocery Stores & Restaurants Misrepresented

Oceana released a new study today that reveals misrepresentation of America’s favorite seafood – shrimp – across the United States. In the only known study of its kind in the U.S., DNA testing confirmed that 30 percent of the 143 shrimp products tested from 111 grocery stores and restaurants were misrepresented. Oceana also found that consumers are often provided with little information about the shrimp they purchase, including where and how it was caught or farmed, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to make informed choices.  


Cassidy Turley Social Media Contest Seeks Energy Efficiency Tips and Tweets

Cassidy Turley, a leading commercial real estate services provider in the U.S., is sponsoring a Twitter contest seeking your favorite methods for implementing energy efficiency at home or at work.

Between October 28 and November 5, contestants can tweet energy efficiency tips using the hashtag #CTEnergySmart for the opportunity to win one of five $100 American Express Gift Cards. The winner will be announced on Twitter via @CassidyTurleyRE.



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