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Better Buildings Expanding to Help Increase Efficiency in Homes

Better Buildings Expanding to Help Increase Efficiency in HomesTo further advance energy efficiency in buildings across the country, the Department of Energy is launching two new Better Buildings Accelerators that will help American families improve the efficiency of their homes. The two new accelerators announced today are aimed at making home energy information more accessible to potential homebuyers and improving and expanding home upgrade programs that help Americans save money on their energy bills. With new accelerators announced today, the Department is working to build on the success of the Better Buildings Challenge, cutting energy waste and moving the United States closer to a clean energy future.


National Park Foundation and Disney to Connect 500,000 Kids with National Park Experiences by 2017

The National Park Foundation, the official charity of America's national parks, announced a three-year collaboration with Disney to get half a million kids into national parks by 2017. Disney will continue its role as lead sponsor of the Foundation's Open OutDoors for Kids program and support the Find Your Park campaign.

"Our national parks provide transformative, life-changing experiences that everyone deserves to have. Thanks to Disney's continued support, already more than 100,000 kids have had the opportunity to explore these treasured places, many for the first time," said Dan Wenk, interim president of the National Park Foundation. "We are grateful for Disney's commitment to engaging the next generation of park stewards."


Kleaning Up for the Kardashians

Kleaning up for the Kardashians: Resource Wastefulness of the Rich and FamousMost everyone is familiar with the “reality” television show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. It is a digital landfill dedicated to the glorification of gluttonous consumerism. A Dead Kennedys’ song, “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death”,   evoked similar sentiment when Jello and the gang railed against the excesses of 1980s consumerism. So what is there to clean up for the Kardashians? There is a compelling and sobering “other inconvenient truth” that raises its ugly head. This truth not only applies to the Kardashians, but to many of their fellow Hollywood celebrities, as well as the members of the economic elitist1% club which drew the wrath of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Please understand that this other inconvenient truth is not the sole purview of the Hollywood crowd but crosses all strata of the 1%. That’s right, you can also include Dick Cheney, the Koch brothers, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Moore as being complicit…But complicit in what? The simple fact of the matter is that with increased affluence comes increased wastefulness of resources. Data collected by the World Bank has shown that the rate of resources wastefulness is much higher with the affluent than it is with lower economic groups. In other words, those members of society that are the most economically privileged or fortunate are the most promiscuously wasteful. It is a sad, but true, irony.


Whole Foods Market gets ‘Ready for Action’ this summer


Whole Foods Market gets ‘Ready for Action’ this summerFrom June 24 to 30, stores kick off summer adventures with events, limited edition bags and protein powder sale

Whole Foods Market's inaugural “Ready for Action Week,” June 24 through 30, will celebrate active, fit lifestyles. During this week, the store’s Whole Body departments will host events, classes, demonstrations and promotions* to showcase Whole Foods Market’s large selection of active living products—from protein powders and superfoods to sun-care and reusable water bottles.


Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Joins Community Partners to Expand Access to Summer Meals for Children

Program that feeds hungry kids during the summer commemorates 40th anniversary

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joined representatives from Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force, the Kohl's Corporation, and members of the Milwaukee community to bring attention to childhood hunger. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) summer meal programs provide breakfast and lunch to children in low-income communities all across the country. The event today marked the start of this program and Kohl's Serving Up Supper for Kids, a joint effort between the Hunger Task Force and the Kohl's Corporation to provide nutritious suppers to Milwaukee children in need throughout the summer.


Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2015 — Are You Ready?

As the 2015 hurricane season begins, FEMA has launched a new feature to its mobile app to help you be prepared and stay informed about severe weather. The free feature allows you to receive weather alerts from five locations you select anywhere in the country, even if the phone is not located in the area. This tool makes it easy to follow severe weather that may be threatening your family and friends in other areas.


It’s National Pollinator Week! Celebrate Bees, Bats and Other Pollinators on Friday, June 19, at USDA’s Pollinator Festival

It’s National Pollinator Week! Celebrate Bees, Bats and Other Pollinators on Friday, June 19, at USDA’s Pollinator FestivalIt’s National Pollinator Week, June 15-21! Join us on Friday, June 19, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., to learn about bees, birds, bats and other pollinating animals at the sixth annual Pollinator Festival outside USDA Headquarters along 12th Street in Washington, DC. More than 14 USDA agencies, other federal departments and partners will celebrate the significance of pollinators.


BPA Can Adversely Affect Parenting Behaviors in Mice

BPA Can Adversely Affect Parenting Behaviors in MiceBiparental care of offspring, or care that is administered by both parents, occurs in only a minority of species, including humans. Past studies have shown that maternal care can be negatively affected when females are exposed to widely prevalent endocrine-disrupting chemicals including Bisphenol-A (BPA); however, no studies have shown how this chemical can affect maternal and paternal care when both parents are exposed. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have used the monogamous, biparental California mouse species to prove that offspring born to parents who are exposed to BPA receive decreased parental care by both the mother and father. Scientists believe results could have relevance to human parenting as well.


New Insights into Demographic Causes of Bird Population Declines Will Improve Conservation Efforts


New Insights into Demographic Causes of Bird Population Declines Will Improve Conservation EffortsAn Exciting New Website Presents Analysis of 15 Years of Coordinated Bird Banding Data

A new website unveiled by The Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) provides unprecedented estimates of the vital rates of over 150 species of North American landbirds and will significantly improve strategies for reversing the population declines that are occurring in many of these species.

Vital Rates of North American Landbirds provides estimates of the annual rates of survival, reproduction, recruitment, and population change for each of the 150 species. The data is based on analyses of hundreds of thousands of bird banding and recapture records collected over a 15-year (1992-2006) period across the U.S. and southern Canada by the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program, which IBP developed and continues to coordinate.



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