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Environmental Justice is the theme for the United Methodist Church National Creation Care Conference in 2015

UMC Creation Care Conference 2015 - Environmental JusticeConference to be held in Atlanta, home of the Civil Rights Movement

Rev. Pat Watkins, missionary for the General Board of Global Ministries who heads up the Ministry of God’s Renewed Creation, has announced the theme for the 2015 National Creation Care Conference. The theme will be environmental justice, and the conference will be hosted in the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. The "Environmental Resurrection: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters" Creation Care conference will be held on April 24 and 25 at Decatur First United Methodist Church in Decatur, Georgia.


Being reminded of true service

Tradeshows! They can be exhausting and exhilarating. But did I mention exhausting? Recently on my way home from a tradeshow, I got a billboard in your face reminder of what Christ like behavior and service is.

So let me put you in the place where I was. I was at a national food and supplement show where I had gotten sick. I am the only person in the world who can attend a health food show with millions of samples of food and vitamins and head home sick and losing weight. I was sitting on the light rail with a group of attendees discussing their impressions of the show. On the edge of this group was a young family.


Statement on Waters of the United States Proposed Rule from the Evangelical Environmental Network

Passed in 1972 and strengthened during the Reagan years, the Clean Water Act put America on the right track in defending our waters for supplying drinking water systems, agriculture, industry, and recreation. However, a number of court decisions and Congressional inaction have "muddied the waters" by thwarting our ability to protect what are known as "headwaters," or the beginnings of our streams and rivers, as well as many wetlands. What was once easily defined during the Reagan Administration now is a total mess of confusion, inaction, and failure.


Work in a nonpartisan way to protect world

Work in a nonpartisan way to protect worldIt's time for a new future.

So I've a message for Governor-elect Tom Wolf, Senators Casey and Toomey, Congressman Scott Perry, state Sen. Wagner and Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill and the rest of our elected leaders in every city, borough and township, it's time to work together.

But it's not just up to you; it's up to us all.


Fair Trade and Faith

October is the host month of World Food Day, Halloween, and, this year, Yom Kippur and Diwali. But you may not know that it's also the month for a movement of awareness and promotion for Fair Trade. Fair Trade Month, which began in 2003, celebrates the individuals who sew, craft, and grow the goods we use, and encourages their fair and just compensation. 


Thoughts from the Garden on World Food Day

World Food DayI’m a recent transplant. Three months ago, we packed up our family’s life in Decatur, Georgia to try out a new chapter of life in St. Simons Island, Georgia. I left behind a place that was brimming with diversity, farmers’ markets, walkable neighborhoods, and a pulsing heart for sustainability. Or maybe it was just that this is how I view the Decatur that I left – I arrived a cradle Presbyterian, steeped in the stories of scripture but with more questions than I had answers. It was in the heart of downtown Decatur that my own heart was transformed. After hearing from many local environmental experts of the harsh and real consequences of humanity’s footprint on our world, I began a roller coaster of a journey that led me straight to an urban farm.


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