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What’s the message?

Jim HartzfeldI was incredibly honored to sit down with some sustainability leaders recently. One of the participants was Jim Hartzfeld, former Managing Director at InterfaceRaise. Jim’s first job out of the Emory MBA program was to help Ray Anderson make Interface the most sustainable carpet company in the world.


5 Reasons you should invest with your faith values

Investing in your fatih values shouldn't be overlookdWhen it comes to investment think reinvestment with your faith values

There’s been a lot of news as of late about international faith institutions making large transfers of funds in their portfolios out of companies who cause harm to the planet. Although, there hasn’t been a major announcement in the US yet for a faith-based institution, the news is sure to come.


Religious and Spiritual Leaders Cry Out for the Protection of Seed in New Anthology

Sacred Seed - purchase now from AmazonThe depletion of our global seed stock is more than a conservation issue say spiritual leaders from around the world in a new book from the emerging field of Spiritual Ecology. For centuries the planting of the seed in the earth not only nourished humanity, but also symbolized the mystery of life. Now as the integrity and diversity of seed is threatened, so is its primal meaning.


Environmental Justice is the theme for the United Methodist Church National Creation Care Conference in 2015

UMC Creation Care Conference 2015 - Environmental JusticeConference to be held in Atlanta, home of the Civil Rights Movement

Rev. Pat Watkins, missionary for the General Board of Global Ministries who heads up the Ministry of God’s Renewed Creation, has announced the theme for the 2015 National Creation Care Conference. The theme will be environmental justice, and the conference will be hosted in the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. The "Environmental Resurrection: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters" Creation Care conference will be held on April 24 and 25 at Decatur First United Methodist Church in Decatur, Georgia.


Being reminded of true service

Tradeshows! They can be exhausting and exhilarating. But did I mention exhausting? Recently on my way home from a tradeshow, I got a billboard in your face reminder of what Christ like behavior and service is.

So let me put you in the place where I was. I was at a national food and supplement show where I had gotten sick. I am the only person in the world who can attend a health food show with millions of samples of food and vitamins and head home sick and losing weight. I was sitting on the light rail with a group of attendees discussing their impressions of the show. On the edge of this group was a young family.


Statement on Waters of the United States Proposed Rule from the Evangelical Environmental Network

Passed in 1972 and strengthened during the Reagan years, the Clean Water Act put America on the right track in defending our waters for supplying drinking water systems, agriculture, industry, and recreation. However, a number of court decisions and Congressional inaction have "muddied the waters" by thwarting our ability to protect what are known as "headwaters," or the beginnings of our streams and rivers, as well as many wetlands. What was once easily defined during the Reagan Administration now is a total mess of confusion, inaction, and failure.


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