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Mom on a mission to spread healthier beverage options to kids everywhere

Fruit Punch Tea and Berry Tasty Tea are the latest additions to Big Time Tea’s Little Me Tea product line. Each new flavor offers an exciting fresh fruit taste, while keeping the same healthy tea + fruits + veggies formula. Fruit Punch Tea includes healthy organic cherry juice and is a fruity punch of flavor. Berry Tasty Tea adds super-fruit blueberry juice and the addition of a third vegetable, beet juice, for a super burst of berry goodness. “Little Me Tea’s acceptance in the marketplace has been phenomenal. Parents love the healthfulness of this product and kids love the taste. With the addition of Fruit Punch Tea and Berry Tasty Tea, we’re adding two more great-tasting, low sugar teas to our line and giving kids more options to get healthy,” stated founder, Melinda Hicks.


What Are The Benefits Of Eco-tourism?

What are the Benefits of Eco-Tourism?Eco-tourism is recently becoming popular as a new way of experiencing the world on vacation. It promotes both sustainable as well as responsible travel where one is constantly aware of the impact that his/her lifestyle is having on the world around them. On an eco-friendly vacation, one would visit an area where there is a pronounced influence of the locals, like traveling in Indian jungle.

Eco-tourism has many advantages, not just for the person who is traveling but the environment and the planet too. Here is how everybody wins through eco-tourism.


Starting a Home Farm

With growing concerns over the state of the food industry in the United States, especially in terms of GMO labeling and subsidized farming, more people are looking toward producing as much of their own food as possible. For some it could be a simple balcony garden with fresh herbs, and container-grown vegetables. For those with yard space it could mean small home farms complete with livestock like chickens or goats. Growing your own food can truly be a rewarding endeavor because you control every part of the process. You don’t have to worry about the excess use of antibiotics and pesticides, or about whether or not your eggs are truly free range. However, there are still some things that you will need to consider before you take the plunge and grow your own.


Celebrate the Holidays with Gifts that Are Better for Your Child and the World


Green America Highlights Small Green Businesses Giving Parents Choices Among Less Toxic Toys Made From Recycled, Organic, and Fair Trade Resources

Parents who want to celebrate the holidays with gift ideas that are better for their children and the world will find a wide range of alternatives at, a new resource offered by the nonprofit Green America. All of the highlighted toys avoid toxic materials and are made from recycled, organic, and Fair Trade materials. 


Audubon Zoo Hatches Pair of Rare False Gharials

Audubon Zoo Hatches Pair of Rare False GharialsThese are fertile – and historic - times at the Audubon Zoo Reptile Encounter. In recent weeks, Zoo staff has welcomed the first-ever births of critically endangered false gharials at Audubon.

Gharials, a freshwater crocodilian native to Southeast Asia with a very thin and elongated snout, have been housed at Audubon Zoo since the mid-1980s. But the species has not been bred in captivity anywhere in the United States since 2009 and never at Audubon Zoo until now.



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