While you may know about our grass-fed beef, we have launched into a new venture this year with the arrival of our Free Range Bronze turkeys!  We currently have several hundred turkeys here on the farm and we are now taking orders for shipment this fall for your holiday table.

Our turkeys follow the same free range production system that we practice with our cattle.  They have been raised on pasture all of their lives, and never given any growth hormones or antibiotics.  The turkeys also play an important role in our pasture management program. 

White Oak Pastures practices the Serengeti Model, which means large ruminant (cows) followed by small ruminant (sheep) followed by bird (chickens and turkeys).  We do this to allow the pastures to be grazed in three different ways.  It is a superb land management system.

Because we raise our turkeys in a natural setting, we cannot guarantee specific weights.  Our turkeys will weigh an average of 15 pounds at processing, and will cost $7.49 per pound.  Make sure to place your order at www.whiteoakpastures.com for this upcoming holiday season!