Staggering fact: more than 4 million tons of trash per year is contributed to wrapping paper and gift bags

Shipping costs can be frustrating and expensive, often discouraging customers from sending out gifts or special packages. Our Gift It Green creator did a lot of research and found a few easy ways to go green and save on shipping costs.


1. REUSE OLD BOXES: Ship your packages in boxes that you’ve received. Just remove the shipping label and reuse. You can create a stamp saying that it’s a reused box just to let your recipient know and encourage them to do the same!

2. USE KRAFT PAPER INSTEAD OF EXPENSIVE MAILERS: If you do not have a fragile product, there is a great thick brown KRAFT paper that is USPS approved (LePages or 3M work well). Wrap your present and stamp your branding so they know whom it is coming from. You have to use more tape to avoid punctures, but it’s 100% recycled paper and 100% post consumer content. It saves a lot of trees and money because it is light to ship and is a fraction of the cost of mailers!

3. STAMP IT UP: Gift it Green creator uses stamps for branding to avoid waste and label costs. BONUS…it spices up a boring brown box or paper.

With these helpful tips, lower your shipping costs while helping the environment!