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Environmental Injustice in Uniontown, Alabama

In 2009, Arrowhead Landfill in Uniontown became the new host for millions of cubic yards of coal ash after it spilled out of a landfill in Tennessee following a catastrophic dike failure. The coal ash in Tennessee contaminated land, rivers, reservoirs, and shore areas surrounding the landfill with arsenic and lead, leading the Environmental Protection Agency to conclude that there was a potential “imminent and substantial endangerment to the public health.”

Residents of Uniontown organized in opposition to what they saw as a racial and environmental injustice, speaking out against the risk to their environment and health, as well as the location of the landfill, which is across the street from several homes and next to one of the town’s historic Black cemeteries.

Some 35 residents filed a complaint with the EPA’s Office of Civil Rights under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The complaint alleges that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management violated their civil rights by allowing the Arrowhead Landfill to locate in their predominately Black neighborhood without adequate protections for the health of residents or the environment.


Hydrogen adding health benefits to your life

Tobias Hiller, H2forLifeA brain and body fitness professional, Tobias Hiller, with over 14+ years of experience in overall wellness, nutrition, balance and workstation body mechanics (ergonomics). Driven by a vision of a preventive lifestyle approach to increasing health, quality of life, value, and productivity for individuals, schools, teams, and corporations through stretching and breathing or Newgonomics. After spending 5 years in the nutrition field being trained by the top companies in all the ways to improve healthy eating, he found a successful formula of Breath~Water~Nutrients~Light. "Water is my passion & the easiest way to change your health." H2 for Life is the newest technology I use to get people where they are going. We are vased in Marietta, GA. Being a 3rd generation Atlantian, this hits close to home.


Protecting our food and water with Andrew Kimbrell

Andrew Kimbrell, Exectuive Director, Center for Food Safety

Andrew Kimbrell is an internationally recognized public interest attorney, public speaker, and author. He is the founder and Executive Director of Center for Food Safety.  He also is Director of the San Francisco based Center for Technology Assessment, co-founder of Foundation Earth, and President of the Board of Humane Farm Animal Care (that administers the Certified Humane label).


Solarize Decatur-DeKalb proving Residential Solar works in Georgia

With 15 years of legal experience in real estate, Don began working in the solar industry in 2011 developing distributed generation and utility scale solar PV projects. Don has developed several MWs of solar for TVA and Georgia Power solar programs as well as commercial and residential applications providing turn-key development services including site selection; financial modeling; program and incentive compliance; permitting; and contract drafting and negotiation. Don is founder of Solar CrowdSource, a platform to facilitate Solarize, Community Solar, and peer-to-peer crowdfunding programs and rapidly accelerate the growth and reduce soft costs of solar in Georgia.  Don is a proud to serve as Chair of the Georgia Solar Energy Association, member of the Georgia Solar Energy Industries Association, and a member of the State Bar of Georgia.


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