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Roof Tech - Making Solar Installations Prettier One Roof at a Time

Roof-Tech being used in residentail solar for Solarize Decatur-DeKalb and Solarize GreenvillePutting solar on your home beings many decisions to be made. How large of a system can put on my roof? What does generating my own electricity mean? How will it look on my roof? Well at least with how it looks on the roof has gotten a lot easier. Meet Sam Hilley with Roof-Tech. Roof-Tech has brought a clean, stream-lined solution, and easier and faster to install solution. Listen in as we discuss the use of Roof-Tech in Solarize Decatur-DeKalb, Solarize Greenville, and other places along the east coast.


Rethinking Old Tires with Cox Conserves

Golden Isles Conservation Center removes tires from waste stream, breaks them down to original components for second lifeGolden Isles Conservation Center removes tires from waste stream, breaks them down to original components for second life.

Cox Enterprises announced that its Golden Isles Conservation Center, located in Nahunta, Ga., is bringing a new technology to the U.S. and making a positive impact on the environment. The Center utilizes an Italian pyrolysis technology that is being used for the first time in the U.S. The eco-friendly process utilizes organic materials such as wood chips to generate heat, which breaks down tires into their original components and produces synthesis oil, carbon black, synthesis gas and steel.


Toshiba's Nuclear Meltdown

Toshiba's Nuclear MeltdownSara Barczak, High Risk Energy Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

As program director for high risk energy choices, Sara provides extensive outreach and support to concerned citizens, organizing partners, the media, and decision-makers and participates in legislative, state and federal regulatory forums on issues concerning nuclear energy, public safety, utilities and the impacts of power plants and our energy infrastructure on the region’s water resources. Sara managed our coastal office in Savannah, Georgia, which opened in 2000 after the former Georgians for Clean Energy hired her in 1999. She participated in a U.S./Russian exchange with non-governmental organizations in Russia impacted by plutonium bomb fuel (MOX) programs, including travel to Russia. Sara has worked for nearly twenty years in diverse environmental fields in the private and non-profit sectors: as an environmental contractor for Department of Defense facilities relating to hazardous waste and air quality issues and as a citizen’s advocate, educator, and consultant for three non-profit organizations. Sara received a B.A. in Biology from Lawrence University.


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