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Tom DiGiovanni, Acting Executive Director of Passive House Alliance

Passive House Alliance is working every day to increase the market share and acceptance of Certified Passive House buildings. We help people learn how to build better, we bring together people who are concerned about the global impact of pollution, the effects of rising energy costs, the lack of energy independence in the US and the fact that climate change is happening before our eyes. We are working with policy makers at all levels to write new laws that provide strong incentives for the Advanced Energy Efficiency delivered by Certified Passive House buildings. We are partnering with leading edge organizations that want to help the environment while creating green jobs right here in the US.

PHA is closely aligned with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), the national training and certification agency for Passive House professionals, projects and products.

PHA is currently headed up by Acting Executive Director Tom DiGiovanni, who brings more than 20 years of executive level experience in entrepreneurial and startup environments. Tom specializes in company growth strategies, development finance, affordable housing and sustainable buildings.



Jill Stuckey, Director, Center of Innovation for Energy

Jill Stuckey is the Director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy, affiliated with the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA), where she previously served as the state’s Director of Alternative Fuels. The Georgia Center of Innovation program is housed in the Georgia Department of Economic Development, to align the program’s unique resources and capabilities with growing the state’s strategic industries. The Center of Innovation for Energy was established by Governor Sonny Perdue in April 2008. The mission of the COI-Energy is to expand the production and use of renewable energy and alternative fuels in Georgia. Since Ms. Stuckey’s appointment to this position by the Governor, Georgia has announced billions of dollars and hundreds of newly created jobs in renewable energy and alternative fuel projects.

Jill Stuckey started her career at Triangle, Inc., where she became part owner and built one of the largest fuel maintenance companies in the state. She traded private industry for state employment when she sold her company interest in 1992 and went to work for the Environmental Protection Division, Underground Storage Tank Program. During her tenure, Stuckey developed the concept of combining all state owned fuel tanks into one agency’s control – the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority. At GEFA, she was able to save the state more than $100 million dollars in environmental remediation and capital costs by implementing her ideas. Her focus then turned to alternative fuels, in which she worked to develop fueling infrastructure and guide business owners interested in locating or expanding alternative fuels companies in Georgia. Jill earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ohio University. In addition to her role at COI-Energy, Jill Stuckey sits as a board member on the following organizations: Plains Better Hometown Program, Friends of the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Women of Achievement.



Joy Kramer of GSEA - The bright future of solar in Georgia

The Georgia Solar Energy Association leads the statewide effort to promote the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy through education, advocacy and industry support. Our members are working together to make Georgia a leader in sustainable energy and green job growth.

To see the comparison map of solar in the US vs. Germany click here.



Sharing with Earthshare of Georgia with Madeline Reamy

EarthShare of Georgia was founded in 1993 by its member groups as the Environmental Fund for Georgia to represent them in employee giving campaigns, and to provide an efficient and secure way to manage their donations. In 2001, the Environmental Fund for Georgia officially affiliated with EarthShare, the national employee giving program, to become part of a network representing more than 400 environmental groups working locally, nationally and internationally. This affiliation streamlined representation and facilitated the ability to meet the needs of multi-state employers to organize a single campaign under one name, EarthShare. It also brought with it the fundraising

power of the EarthShare network which has raised more than $150 million for the environment. Employee giving campaigns for EarthShare of Georgia have grown steadily each year, from 8 in 1993 to more than 70 in 2009, representing nearly 400,000 employees in the public and private sector.



Marty Mesh of Florida Organic Growers

Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers Inc. (FOG) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established in 1989. FOG operates two programs: Education & Outreach and Quality Certification Services. FOG's Education & Outreach Program conducts teaching, research, and service that engages the organization with external constituencies. Education & Outreach projects generate knowledge, share resources, and apply the expertise of FOG in ways that advance organic agriculture and healthy and just food systems. Staff educate producers, consumers, media, institutions and governments about the benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture, presenting at tours, conferences, workshops, classes and other educational opportunities to a wide audience ranging from school children to farmers and agronomists in Uganda on topics including but not limited to: organic and sustainable farming practices, Farm Bill opportunities, certification options, marketing, food systems, social justice and opportunities and challenges in the organic marketplace. Contact us if you'd like a presentation at your event. Originally scheduled last week. 12/29/10



Stephen O'Day with Simth, Gambrell & Russell - Renewable Energy and grants

Mr. O’Day has been heavily involved in environmental litigation, consultation and negotiations during his more than 30 years of practice. He has advised clients in connection with the full range of environmental issues

, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and Clean Water Act compliance, Clean Air Act permits and compliance, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act permitting and compliance, Toxic Substances Control Act compliance, right to know legislation under OSHA and the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act permitting and compliance including solid and hazardous waste treatment, disposal and cleanups, Superfund cleanups, toxic tort claims, water law and other environmental matters.

He has handled administrative proceedings on state and federal levels in connection with issues ranging from usage of real property to compliance with federal and state environmental laws. He has represented clients in litigation across the country involving environmental matters such as toxic tort litigation, nuisance litigation, hazardous waste cleanups, including sites both on and off the NPL, Clean Water Act citizen suits and compliance litigation, facilities compliance with the Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act, mold litigation, and landfill issues. Finally, he has assisted clients in environmental issues in real property acquisition and development and the acquisition and sale of operating manufacturing entities. Mr. O’Day also is a frequent speaker at seminars concerning sustainability, environmental liability and compliance, and risk management. Mr. O’Day has achieved recent trial and appellate court victories in mold, Clean Water Act, solid waste (landfill) and toxic torts litigation, including three state Supreme Court cases of first impression.



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