Southeast Green - Business depends on the environment and the environment depends on business

Green Chamber of the South - Business Accelerator

Join guest host Paula Collins as she interviews folks from the Green Chamber of the South who conduct and are participants in the chamber's business accelerator. Not only will there be plain old good business advice but hear how green businesses can get a boost from participating.


GA PSC Commissioner Tim Echols - Solar Express

Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols is leading an old fashioned train tour throughout middle Georgia to show some of Georgia's coolest Solar Manufacturers and companies. So all aboard to learn about why, how and when you can join the Solar Train.


Rutherford Seydel - Greening Phillips Arena

Phillips Arena is the home of the Atlanta Hawks and many top quality entertainment events but it is also the first LEED Certified arena.

Learn how the son-in-law of Ted Turner, took a vision of green to make Phillips Arena as the shining example of how to run a large scale venue/business as an example to protect the planet.


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