Tobias Hiller, H2forLifeA brain and body fitness professional, Tobias Hiller, with over 14+ years of experience in overall wellness, nutrition, balance and workstation body mechanics (ergonomics). Driven by a vision of a preventive lifestyle approach to increasing health, quality of life, value, and productivity for individuals, schools, teams, and corporations through stretching and breathing or Newgonomics. After spending 5 years in the nutrition field being trained by the top companies in all the ways to improve healthy eating, he found a successful formula of Breath~Water~Nutrients~Light. "Water is my passion & the easiest way to change your health." H2 for Life is the newest technology I use to get people where they are going. We are vased in Marietta, GA. Being a 3rd generation Atlantian, this hits close to home.


H2forLife is colloidal platinum dissolved in purified spring water and super saturated with molecular hydrogen under high pressure. Numerous recent scientific studies have demonstrated that molecular hydrogen acts as a safe and highly effective method to deactivate harmful free radicals in the body.

H2forLife tastes just like the fresh, filtered spring water it's made from. The added hydrogen and platinum add no taste, color or odor. Read scores of peer reviewed published research at

History: Eprida researcher Danny Day was trying to find an inexpensive method to measure the physical size of polyatomic hydrogen clusters in real time without destroying them with ionization mass spectroscopy. He choose to use the measurement of changes in pure water when saturated with these unusual hydrogen species when he discovered that his father Marshal Day (83) was diagnosed with inoperable live and colon cancer. In the course of a literature review on measurement techniques of hydrogen saturated water, he uncovered studies in Japan detailing the reduction of tumors in lab studies using water saturated with hydrogen and trace amounts of colloidal platinum. Producing the same product for his father and its success demonstrated the potential to augment health for millions of others. H2forLife has been on the market and in use continuously by its customers since June 2013. The amount of published research is continuing to grow which shows the positive effect of this formula in supporting good health.

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