Brandon and Rhace of EcoLink with Georgia DECA leaderEcoLink wants to serve as your trusted chemical advisor

EcoLink's success turns not on being the low price leader but on being your high trust leader. Every one of their projects is well documented and held with strictest of confidence bound by confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements (NDA). p.s. NO contracts required.

EcoLink invites you to “link up” with Ecolink’s collective tribe, proven methodologies and cleaning technologies for your critical manufacturing and cleaning processes. Whether your goal is compliance, pollution prevention, sustainability or zero waste, we jump through hoops [fire-lit optional] to tackle rising costs of implementation, training and chemical management in order to maximize your production and industrial maintenance yields.



Brandon is a 17-year veteran at Ecolink Inc where he has done just about every job except drive the company’s fork lift. A zero waste zealot, Brandon thinks about every touch point associated with company’s products to minimize environmental consequences. An economics major, Brandon is focused on the concept of value (cost vs benefits), which contributes to Ecolink’s customer retention ratio.

Brandon has won awards for environmental, business and marketing and education at all level. He is most proud of his 7-year partnership with GA DECA with high school marketing students and the American Marketing Association Atlanta Chapter for their continued commitment and investment in both high school, collegiate students and their teachers. Small in size, big in impact is our motto!


Rhace is a committed and resourceful University of South Florida alumni with academic background in Business Management and Psychology. He has experience streamlining customer communications and coordinating logistics with strong project management to meet challenges head-on. Part octopus, Rhace is flexible while juggling concurrent demands. A dexterous learner, Rhace is experienced in both technical and creative writing. Head and heart, Rhace brings intrinsically motivation and a desire to add value to organizations.

Rhace has garnered 5 AMY Awards from the American Marketing Association Atlanta Chapter for his contributions and results associated with company’s 25-year celebration campaign. Rhace’s efforts have been instrumental in the company’s selection as 1 of 4 GA Small Business Rock Stars and 1 of 24 GLOBE award winners for export excellence. Rhace oversees recruiting, hiring, training and management of company’s year-round high school and collegiate marketing internship program. 


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