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OpenWorks Shares Top 10 Tips for a Greener, Cleaner Workplace

Cleaning Experts, Tips Helping Local Businesses Create Healthier Work Environments

As the Great Recession loosens its grip on the economy, more and more Americans will be headed back to work.   With this return to the office, American workers can expect more spending money, more stress...and more exposure to poisonous chemicals and toxins.


Five Ways 5 Ways Businesses Are Cutting Costs By Going Green

Going green involves many cost-cutting procedures. Sustainable practices use less energy, deplete fewer resources, reuse materials instead of creating more waste and provide a healthy environment for happier, more productive inhabitants. Here are five ways businesses are cutting costs by going green.


Optional Sources Of Clean Energy

Wind PowerGreen thinking has become a very popular topic for many years now. More and more people have started to find ways to live in a way that is safe for the environment and to apply them in their everyday lives. Imagining what we do to our planet, all the damage we have already caused and the fact that we continue affecting the nature, makes many people consider going the green path. There are many ways to show our concern for the environment, starting from the use of ecologically-friendly detergents to finding green sources of energy to charge our homes and cars. Energy is one of the most necessary elements we need in our daily lives. Considering the fact we use it in a way that is extremely harmful to the environment, makes us try and find other options to provide ourselves with the needed energy without causing any harm. Green energy, also referred to as renewable energy, is one of the most popular topics when it comes to living green and saving the nature. There are many natural sources of clean energy, such as sunlight, wind, plants, algae, heat and rain, which are safe for the planet. They are million times better than the typically used sources like fossil fuels, which are pollutant and have a negative impact on the nature. Here are a few types of green energy sources.


Is Your Office Still Using Paper?

Pretty much every office in the world will have a problem with wasted paper - no matter what industry you work in, paper will be used, and too much of it at that. Even if you make an extra effort to recycle, there's no way it can all be used in an environmentally friendly way - we all know the effects that paper-use has on the world's natural greenery, and for this reason it's important that businesses change their approach to their excessive paper use.


Go Green In Your Law Office With These Mobile Apps

Windmills and Oil fieldsThe impact of our activities on the environment is becoming more apparent as the effects of climate change are beginning to be felt around the world. You may do your part as an individual and recycle at home and in the office (if there is an opportunity for this). However, there is much more you can do as a legal professional. We don’t mean organizing legal action to combat environmental law violators (but you can do this too). We mean taking responsibility for your own actions and reducing your own impact on the environment even more. You can do this by reducing the amount of paper used in the office.


5 Unique Ways Companies Are Keeping Their Employees Healthy And Going Green

Good news for office workers: businesses large and small are catching on to the fact that going green helps keep them sustainable and saves them money in the long run. Even better news: companies are also beginning to realize that they can improve the physical and mental well-being of their employees through certain green practices.



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