Wind PowerGreen thinking has become a very popular topic for many years now. More and more people have started to find ways to live in a way that is safe for the environment and to apply them in their everyday lives. Imagining what we do to our planet, all the damage we have already caused and the fact that we continue affecting the nature, makes many people consider going the green path. There are many ways to show our concern for the environment, starting from the use of ecologically-friendly detergents to finding green sources of energy to charge our homes and cars. Energy is one of the most necessary elements we need in our daily lives. Considering the fact we use it in a way that is extremely harmful to the environment, makes us try and find other options to provide ourselves with the needed energy without causing any harm. Green energy, also referred to as renewable energy, is one of the most popular topics when it comes to living green and saving the nature. There are many natural sources of clean energy, such as sunlight, wind, plants, algae, heat and rain, which are safe for the planet. They are million times better than the typically used sources like fossil fuels, which are pollutant and have a negative impact on the nature. Here are a few types of green energy sources.



Solar Power

Solar power is produced by the sunlight, which is turned into electricity by photovoltaic cells. Solar energy is a providers of natural clean energy and is used to heat and light whole buildings. Solar technology has been now on the market for many years and it's become less expensive. People use it to power basically everything from small devices to whole neighbourhoods.


Hydro-power is also known as hydroelectric power. It is produced by the water cycle of the Earth, which includes rainfall, tides and evaporation. However, it is not the best method, since it relies on huge amounts of precipitation to produce the needed energy.

Wind Power

Strong winds can produce clean natural energy by pushing turbines on the surface of the Earth. Studies show that winds at high-altitude and offshore areas can generate 40 times the energy produced by other unnatural sources.

Geothermal Energy

The decay of minerals and the formation of the earth generate thermal energy, which can be used to produce clean energy. Only in North America the amount of energy that is stored underground, is enough to produce ten times more energy than coal, which is used for this purpose.


Biofuels are another good source of energy. By 2050 they are thought to provide over 25 per cent of the world's fuels for transportation.

Extraordinary Sources Of Clean Energy

There is a project which involves developing wind farms in the middle of the ocean in order to produce natural energy. Another offshore project is attaching kites to ships that go into the ocean in order to help them burn less fuels.

There are several gyms that try to turn muscle power into efficient energy. One of them is located in Hong Kong and offers exercise machines that look just like the standard ones. However, they generate energy from body movement to power the machines and the lights at the gym. An average person can produce about 50 watts of electricity per hour.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is supporter of the idea of green living and that is why she choose to work at where only environmentally friendly detergents are used.