energy efficient buildingHaving an energy-efficient home doesn’t need to be very elaborate or expensive to build. Check out these modern green homes that give new meaning to energy efficiency:


1. Heather’s Home (Texas)

Proof that energy-efficient homes need not be expensive to construct, DFW builder Don Ferrier tapped Gary Olp of GGOArchitects to design a sensible yet modern energy efficient home for his daughter Heather. The result is Heather’s Home, a 2,038 square-foot home that sits in Weatherford, Texas. Heather’s Home was the first Texas green home to receive a LEED-H Platinum certification, thanks to its modest yet energy-efficient design. The home was built within four months, with all the trappings Heather needs to conserve energy. The estimated utility cost for this home is only about $40 per month.

2. Joanopolis House

Blending with the Brazilian landscape is an architectural marvel created by Una Arquitetos. The Joanopolis House is a 4,670-square foot that blends seamlessly with the natural Brazilian landscape. This green home reflects a different approach to home construction that is common in Brazil. Instead of creating urban and modern designs, the architects at Una Arquitetos built a home that integrates well with the environment, not only in terms of design but sustainability as well.

3. X House

Also called the Glass House because of its predominantly glass design, the X House is another energy-efficient home that integrates green sensibilities with the natural landscape. Situated near Quito, Ecuador, the X House is a 4,090-square foot home that promotes efficient indoor cooling and water-saving measures.

4. mkLotus

Built using the latest in green technology, this home at San Francisco is 100% solar powered. Michelle Kaufmann, the designer of this beautiful pre-fab California home didn’t skimp on features. The home consists of ground and rainwater catchment system, bamboo floors, and on-demand water heater, among others. This modular home is proof that a green abode can be simple yet beautifully modern.


This Venice, California home had major celebrity eyes fixed on it during construction. Created by Melinda Gray of GRAYmatter Architecture, this home is the first ever LEED Platinum home in California. With rooftop solar panels, rainwater reclamation system, and a recycled fittings, it’s no wonder why this modern eco-friendly home has been the talk of the town even before construction was finished.

 6. Inverness House

Resting on a hill by the Tomales Bay is this beautiful home called the Inverness House. A fusion of rustic and modern design, this home in Inverness, California embraces the beauty of nature with its sinuous outlines. With huge glass windows on all sides, this home basks in natural sunlight.

7. Holman House

Inspired by Picasso’s The Bather, this modern green home in Dover Heights, Sydney offers great view of the sea. Floating over a cliff, this home features curved lines that complement the sharp angles of the cliff. With floor to ceiling windows and furnishings made from recycled wood, this home is simple yet very eco-friendly.

Sophie Dias writes regularly on energy-efficiency and green sustainability. Her interests lie in modern home design that is both pracitcal and energy-efficient.

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