Green does not have to do with a political affiliation. Green building and construction methods have to do with energy efficiency, sustainability and air quality. Wickstead Works is a company committed to doing their part to build and remodel more responsible structures and make a significant difference by reducing the energy and water consumption of each of their projects. Whether remodeling an existing structure or building a new one, Wickstead Works incorporates several standards into the building process.

Their minimum construction standard is Earthcraft, which is a third party certification and inspection process. Earthcraft effects energy efficiency by promoting The Energy Star program, which they make a standard on every project. In addition, Earthcraft effects sustainability by promoting proper flashing techniques, back priming of exterior trim, foundation details, HVAC insulation and emission standards. The team at Wickstead Works is also trained to certify homes by LEED standards. LEED promoted advanced building techniques including: smart site selection, the use of recycled and regional materials, the use of self sustaining systems like wind, solar, hydrothermal, and greywater & rainwater collection for reuse.

Wickstead Works installs systems that both utilize up-to-date technology and save their clients money from day one. A properly built or remodeled home by Wickstead Works can add $25.00 to a monthly mortgage payment, but save $100 in monthly utilities. They take the time to understand what women and men seek in working with contractors, and train their team members to listen intently, provide courteous, open communication, respond quickly to questions and needs, complete their projects on time and as initially forecasted on budget.

Why Green? Frank Wickstead of Wickstead Works says they build green because their primary concern is to build the best possible project and wisely spend their client’s money. For more information, email Frank at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.