Biodiesel is a clean alternative to petroleum diesel (petrodiesel) made from used cooking oil, animal fat or vegetable oil. It is a new fuel — one that’s renewable, environmentally friendly and readily available. It contains no petroleum and it can be used in any diesel engine without modifications. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and nonvolatile.

Switching to biodiesel is a great way to reduce waste, lower air pollution emissions, and improve energy efficiency. Combusted biodiesel has significantly lower carbon monoxide and hazardous air pollutant emissions than petrodiesel. Exhaust emissions of aromatics and sulfur oxides are essentially eliminated and biodiesel has significantly lower asthma and cancer-causing emissions. In addition, biodiesel emits 78% less CO2 than petodiesel, meaning that its contribution to global warming is far less.

Locally, you can get biodiesel at Refuel Biodiesel in Atlanta. Refuel Biodiesel collects used cooking oil produced by Atlanta area restaurants and kitchens, and process it into biodiesel for the Atlanta market. Their locally-based production model aids local waste management and significantly decreases the energy costs associated with feedstock and fuel transportation. Furthermore, because they are part of a nonprofit organization, all proceeds from the Refuel program are used to promote responsible energy solutions in the Southeast. To learn more about Refuel Biodiesel, visit