Toilet Paper UsageThere are many things that come into mind when toilet papers are mentioned, especially the way the world consumes the product. Across the world are many manufacturers of the precious item, but wholly, a few companies seem to have the upper hand in toilet paper manufacturing. It is also worth noting that the importance of the tissue paper is understood once the product has gone out of the market or production has stalled for whatever reason. Even in areas where culture and religion conflict with the use of toilet paper, the item is in use and also comes back as a paper towel for use in other household cleaning related duties.


Average person toilet paper consumption

It is obvious that the average individual utilizes around 30 toilet paper rolls annually. In a family of four people, it is expected that 119 rolls of the special commodity are consumed every year. Since the first toilet paper roll was sold by Scott Paper Company about 1890, it took about 30 years for the product to be famous before the company became the top world supplier of toilet paper. The toilet paper sale was pioneered by the United States and has always been sold in distinct sizes with some much gentler than others while the cost of the tissue paper varies from one brand to the next.

Toilet paper consumption in Europe

It is believed that every person in Britain flushes about 39 lbs of tissue paper down the toilet annually, which is about two and half times the average of the entire Europe as per the toilet paper industry figures. The consumption of toilet paper in Britain is about a per capital 110 rolls, which is twenty-five times that of Ukraine, the lowest in all Europe. Per person North America consumption is about 34.6 lbs lesser rolls which is far much more than the average of Western European countries that stands at 27.3 lbs although it is still far much below that of the British. Across all the European Union countries, the new European nations around the Baltic Sea register 8.5 lbs consumption on a yearly basis, which is about three times below the consumption of toilet paper in German.

Soaring consumption

Lots of research published has indicated that the consumption of toilet paper in Europe will increase by 40 percent on average. The reason for this success in the use of the tissue paper is the new daring and creative concepts introduced into the world of tissue paper manufacturing, especially black toilet towels or paper. A good example is such a product from Portugal that has been sold across Spain, France and highly popular in the United States and a defiant approach to conventional thinking especially in the rigid world of tissue paper.

Consumption in the US

About six billion dollars worth of toilet paper every year are consumed in the United States and surpasses any other country across the face of the world. On average, Americans use about 50 lbs annually or 57 squares of toilet tissue every day.

World Figures

The average consumption of toilet paper across the global stands at about 20,000 sheets or 100 rolls every year. Toilet paper production per day stands at about 84 million rolls.

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