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The 2016 Southeast Green Sustainable Corporate Gift

Southeast Green Sustainable CorporateIt's here! We've hand picked a gift your company can be proud to give. With an eye towards organic yummies and significantly reduced waste this corporate gift will reflect many aspects of gift giving which is care and thoughtfulness without all the extra stuff that creates huge amounts of trash going to the landfill. Feel good about what you give and what you don't.


Clean and Green Eco-Friendly Ways To Clean Up After The Holidays

It’s safe to say the holidays are over, and it’s time for some clean up, a process that can cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Valentine’s Day cards are already lining the store shelves; Christmas themed commercials have stopped playing, and everyone is back to their routines. It’s safe to say the holidays are over, and it’s time for some clean up, a process that can cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. Streamline the process and help the environment by making the most of the task ahead of you.


Three Simple “Tricks” to Reduce Waste on Halloween

On Halloween we make light of our fears. We dress as scary figures for fun and enjoy celebrating what frightens us most. But for environmentalists, this $7 billion dollar disposable holiday is more like a nightmare come true. Putting the “eek” into eek-o-friendly, the waste created by 41 million trick-or-treaters prowling the streets doesn’t just vanish with the creatures of the night.


Simple Steps for Safer Face Paint

But what exactly are you putting on your children’s skin when transforming them into ghosts or tiger cubs? You might be surprised.  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 10 face paints for heavy metals and found lead in every one of them. There is no safe level of exposure to lead, and because it’s a neurotoxin, it’s particularly dangerous to children’s brains.From spooky to adorable, face paint can put the finishing touches on a great Halloween costume.

It’s also a popular alternative to masks, which may be prohibited at school and can restrict vision – a big safety concern for trick-or-treaters on dark streets.


Accept the Challenge of Reducing Food Waste


This holiday season, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages people to save money and protect the environment by reducing the amount of wasted food that gets thrown away. In 2011 alone, Americans generated 36 million tons of food waste. Most of this went to landfills to decompose and produce methane—a powerful greenhouse gas over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.



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