Architectural Visions Inc. partners with EarthCraft for a Greener Future

AVI, a Marvin Design Gallery, announces its showroom, opened in May 2009 at 3150 Piedmont Road NE, in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, has achieved Southface’s EarthCraft Light Commercial certification. This certification, based on the EarthCraft program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface, recognizes design and construction practices that contribute to energy-, water- and resource-efficient commercial development in the Southeast.


“We’re also pleased to announce that AVI was awarded two green accolades: EarthCraft Project of the Year 2010 for our Buckhead showroom and EarthCraft Sponsor of the Year 2010,” said Peter Morrison, President of AVI. EarthCraft’s Sponsor of the Year recognizes AVI’s assistance in funding
promotions and administration of EarthCraft’s green building programs.

As Atlanta’s premier source of Marvin window and door products, AVI also provides premium millwork, finish hardware, and more, with highly personalized customer service. Marvin Windows and Doors is dedicated to producing enduring, energy efficient products leading to a greener future,
and as a Marvin Design Gallery, AVI shares that vision.

“AVI helps those who want to build or renovate homes for sustainability and energy efficiency. Customers can see our products in displays that look like the most beautiful homes in the Buckhead area,” said Peter Morrison. “To make the experience authentic, we started by making our own building as green as possible. Rather than just selling green, we’re living green,” Partnering with General Contractor David Moore of Structures, Inc. and Denise Grimm, Commercial Green Building Services Project Manager for Southface, the AVI team started the renovation with a set of environmental goals including land, waste, and natural resource conservation, plus addressing the significant and costly energy losses the existing building was experiencing.

AVI’s showroom interior“Nowadays, people want to know if building green is worth it. The steps we took to make the building greener did not impede our timelines,” said Chris Johnston, AVI Operations Manager. “And added costs will be recovered in energy savings. In fact, energy bills are at least 52% below the norm for this building every month since the renovation was completed.”

“Southface congratulates AVI on the achievement of EarthCraft Light Commercial Certification!” said Denise Grimm. “The result is an energy-efficient retail showroom that will give the owners significant savings, while providing a comfortable, bright, and pleasing experience for their clients and employees.”

“Heating and cooling buildings and homes is the single biggest energy usage in the country. At AVI, we’re excited about making a difference with our very own showroom,” said Peter Morrison. “Our customers want to see that green building is possible, and we’re showing them it can be done, beautifully. We invite them to discover the beauty firsthand.”