Tree Sound Studios has earned the reputation of being one of the greenest full production recording studios in the U.S. As if the biodiesel fueling station, organic studio garden, rooftop solar array and 100% carbon offsetting were not enough - owners Paul and Sunshine Diaz have now added a full scale organic farm to their list of green endeavors.  Appropriately named, Rock Star Farms is located 45 minutes north of Atlanta in Gainesville, Georgia. Founded on Tree Sound’s progressive values, Rock Star Farms uses music as its igniting force aiming to educate the global community on local foods, family farms and the benefits of living a truly sustainable lifestyle.

In March of 2009, Paul and Sunshine Diaz made the decision to realize their dream of producing their own food on their own land. After calling upon a few good friends of like mind to assist in the everyday labors of farming and utilizing their relationship with master gardeners Laura and Jimmie Hendricks of Denali Organic Growers - they put their first seeds in the ground and called it Rock Star Farms. Now just a year later, the farm provides weekly produce deliveries (organic and bio-dynamically grown) to a handful of restaurants and caterers in the Atlanta area as well as to 10 families who belong to their recently launched CSA (community supported agriculture) membership program.

“When we first started the farm last year we had no idea how fast it would grow and how much we would learn from just jumping in and doing it.” said Sunshine Diaz, pictured here tending a garden, “We are able to share so much information now with our community both inside and outside the music industry. Growing your own food is the ultimate act of empowerment and we hope to share this message with as many people as possible.”

In addition to growing produce for CSA members and local restaurants, the farm is creating several educational platforms. This includes: providing and preparing family style meals using their produce as well as food from other local farms for Tree Sound Studios private events and staff meetings, creating educational programs for at-risk-youth on the farm during the summer and hands on workshops ranging from gardening 101 to how to build a cob oven which will begin in the fall. In March of this year, Rock Star Farms provided a private dinner at Tree Sound Studios for Atlantic Records artist B.O.B (one of the hottest new, up and coming hip-hop artists out of Atlanta). They have also coordinated local foods for artists on tour, such as the Zac Brown band, when they performed at the Fox Theater in October of last year.

“It seems like when most people think of being “green” they think about hybrid cars and solar panels which equals money, one thing most people don’t have.” said Paul Diaz owner of Tree Sound Studios, “If someone they admire, like a musician is saying…you can start “being green” by buying food from a local farm or planting a garden in your yard…suddenly the idea of green becomes not only practical but just plain cool. That’s what we’re hoping to do by teaching the music community about the local food and farming movement – get them on board and they’ll share this message through their music...and people will listen.”

Rock Star Farms started its first crops in April of 09. Since then, they have expanded growing space from a small garden of 1,500 square feet to over 9,000 square feet, which includes several production beds as well as a fruit orchard, berry patch and herb garden. Expansion plans for this summer include a large yurt which will house a small recording studio and serve as an artist’s retreat, an outdoor kitchen facility, a Native American sweat lodge, several camping platforms and a pole barn. In keeping a sustainable lifestyle in mind, the farm has installed a metal roof on the farm house, a 2500 gallon water cistern (which catches all of the rainwater from the roof which is then used to water the gardens) and there are plans to install several solar panels and a small wind-turbine to assist with energy needs by fall of this year.

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About Tree Sound Studios - Tree Sound Studios is a unique blend of vision, precision and the desire to make great music. They provide clients with an atmosphere designed to excite and inspire. The accommodating staff prides itself on providing the individual attention that every recording artist needs. Detail, combined with technical expertise and dedication make Tree Sound Studios an ideal recording studio for projects of all levels. Located just 20 minutes from Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, Tree Sound Studios is one of the greenest recording facilities in the country. Green initiatives include a full rooftop solar array, 100% carbon offsetting, a mobile solar trailer with wind-turbine, an organic garden, complimentary bio-diesel car service and more.

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