The Johns Creek Environmental Campus (JCEC) is a unique facility combining state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technology with an educational facility. The JCEC is located on only 5 of the available 43 acres off of Holcomb Bridge Road in the City of Roswell, and can treat up to 15 million gallons per day.

The facility brings together a vision developed through a collaboration with the late County Commissioner Bob Fulton, the City of Roswell, and surrounding neighborhoods. The JCEC is located in a park-like setting with architectural features that blend with the local community and the City of Roswell.

A key component of the facility is the use of the wastewater treatment process as an educational tool. Tours, an interactive kiosk, a lecture hall, a classroom, and a teaching lab will be used to educate visitors on the issues and benefits related to water quality and aquatic life in the Chattahoochee River, water conservation, reuse water, and the value of water. To treat wastewater flows coming into the facility, the County chose state-of-the-art membrane biological reactor (MBR) technology in conjunction with biological phosphorus removal. When brought online, the JCEC was the largest MBR plant in the United States.

JCEC benefits both current and future residents. The JCEC allowed for the decommissioning of the previous Johns Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, which was nearing the end of its useful life. The previous plant would have required significant investment to continue meeting regulatory standards. The JCEC ensures adequate wastewater treatment capacity to serve current and future homes and businesses in the service area. The facility also provides reuse water suitable for irrigation.

JCEC benefits the environment. Effluent coming from the JCEC is treated to higher than reuse standards, helping to maintain the delicate ecological balance of the Chattahoochee River.

JCEC benefits the Fulton County Community. The JCEC was designed to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community. One component is the architectural design and landscaping that blends into the surrounding community. The facility was also designed to ensure there is no negative impact from noise and odors.  In addition, the JCEC provides interactive learning opportunities for local students and area residents on a variety of water quality management issues.

Architect - The Architecture Group, Inc
General Contractor - Archer Western Contractors, Ltd.
Consulting Engineer - Brown and Caldwell, Inc.
Construction Management - Fulton County Public Works Department

To learn more about the Johns Creek Environmental Campus project, please visit our website featuring historical progress, FAQs, news, and more.